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  1. 2010 silverado

    2010 silverado New Member

    i'm looking for a lift kit for my 2010 silverado. I'm supposed to get a 2" leveling kit this weekend, but thinking this is a waste of money if i decide to get the lift kit later.... comments/ideas?
  2. canislupis69

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    Is yours a 2wd or 4x4? I would like to recommend a BDS 6inch suspension lift, but I did not see a lift for 2010 on their site. I would try giving them a call. Rough Country advertises lifts for 2010 up to 7 1/2 inches, but only for 4x4. Again I would give them a call as I believe the lift kits for the 08 and 09 models will fit the 2010 models. How high are you wanting to go?

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