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    I want to put 2 10's in my crew cab, but have a few question first. I dont have the bose system would i have to get any adapter to hook up the subs and amp to the stock head unit? Also I may get a new head unitwhat would i have to do to get my all my steering wheel controls to work with an aftermarket head and also could i keep my current xm subscription with that? Also the ipod adapter in the consolewould still be functional as well? thanks.
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    www.crutchfield.com I have a 2009 crew cab and am planning to get the JL Audio stealthbox here real soon. 2 500W RMS 10s in a vehicle specific box. Open up a chat with their advisors and ask the exact questions you just did. 5 minutes and you'll have your answers and possibly further recommendations on products.
  3. sstoner911

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    If you stay with your stock head unit(which I dont recommend) you will need some inline converters to run an aftermarket amp. To acheive the best results if your going to be adding an amp(s) you should also install an aftermarket headunit.

    The IPOD input in the console may be non-functional with an aftermarket headunit. The folks over in some of the scion forums have mentioned they lose te stock ipod aux ports.

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