2010 Z71 Silverado Issue

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by augnmike, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. augnmike

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    Well I am new here and this is my first post, wish it were a better topic. Here is the situation. Just bought a 2010 Z71 Silverado and took it to to Allen Tire Co. to have AMP Research Electric Steps put on. While there the manager says you ought to put a leveling kit on it and I said yeah that is something I wanted to do anyway. They do that then start showing me some sweet wheels, BMF Novakanes 20" wheels and some Toyo M/T 33" tires which he guaranteed me would fit. Long story short they didn't and he talks me into cutting away some plastic and then sawing away some metal. I finally can't stand it anymore and tell him to stop and take everything off the truck. Even after cutting the 33" Toyos were rubbing on tight turn and I do not want any rub issues at all. Now they are suggesting a less aggressive tire the Nitto Terra Grapplers along with the BMF 20" wheels. I am still in shock with a truck that has 50 miles on it. I am back home with my original tires and wheels on, the leveling kit and my steps. The guy was surprised the 33" didn't fit saying he has done it before. Please give me your thoughts on why they rubbed so bad and what tire you think will work. I don't like the look of 20" wheels with smaller sidewall tires it's too "street" for me. Should I go with a different wheel in 18"? or should I try the Nitto's with the 20's? Does anyone have this same truck and tried to get 33's on it? Help!!
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    2010 Z71 silverado issue

    It may be the backspacing/offset of the aftermarket wheels. You could have them measure the stock wheel backspacing/offset and find a aftermarket wheel with the same measurments.
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    I called and the offset is 0 on the BMF's. Does anyone else have any advice?
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    Hey Mike,
    Theres a lot of leveling kits out there that claim they will fit 33" tires on these trucks, but they won't. My best advice for you is do one of 3 things: 1. go with a 32" tire. 2. look into the rough country 3" suspension lift kit, i have that on my truck. it only rubbed on one side and it was just a piece of plastic i cut off with scissors. plus its only about $450 for that lift, not much more than a leveling kit. if you get it, get the kit with new upper a-arms, it makes a huge difference. 3. look into an offset wheel, but the way the wheel wells are shaped on our trucks the closest rub point is at the outer edge so they will have to do some measuring to ensure that will work. but yeah don't let them cut into your brand new truck just to fit a bigger tire, its not worth it. keep me posted with what that shop tells you and i will try to help you out. good luck man!
  5. augnmike

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    Thanks Pete, I will likely go with a slightly smaller tire I am not apt to do the lift. I really appreciate the response.
  6. 2010SSRS

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    i know this post is old, but i'd be pissed off! that manager should go work at Burger King! a 20x9 wheel is gonna need as close to a +18 offset as you can get without trimming for 33's.

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