2011 1-Ton Crew Cab (Non-Dually) Drawing

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  1. Jeff11

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    I have found a pay site that sells simple vector line art of a Silverado; but, I was hoping that there might be something that someone else has used here, or may know where I can obtain (purchase, if necessary).

    I am looking for a drawing (preferably in AutoCAD format, although .pdf or vector formats will work, too) that I can use for planning out modifications in my garage. My Silverado is a 2011 3500 crew cab without dual rear wheels. I'm primarily looking for a plan view with doors open; but, doors closed will work, too. Side (elevation), front and rear views would be great, too.

    I would think that GM would have something like this; but, with the Googling that I've done I haven't found anything.

    Thanks for your help.

  2. Enkeiavalanche

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    Through some of the SEMA web sites I have seen them. I know in the back of the sema Mag I see Co's that do it. I will take a look..
  3. Jeff11

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    Thanks for your reply, and thanks for looking. I appreciate it.


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