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Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by mikester, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. mikester

    mikester Member

    Ive driven my truck for a little over 5K miles. Recently Ive noticed that its pinging at around 35-40 mph when you give it gas. I know its not the gas. I use the same station for all the vehicles in my family. It also seems like its shifting all the time at the lower speeds. When I slow up at a light or stop in traffic it almost feels like the truck surges as I apply the brake. Im assuming its the transmission shifting in and out of gear.
    Anyone else have these kind of issues ?
  2. Red Z71 Max

    Red Z71 Max Rockstar 4 Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    I think you will find many new truck owners are experiencing the same problems you are describing. If your truck is equipped with active fuel management and has the 6 speed automatic transmission, it seems to be a bad combination for multiple shifts and the AFM when on 4 cylinder mode will cause pinging. Try using high test and see if it helps the pinging. As far as the shifts!! Get used to it. Sorry
  3. bama2010z71

    bama2010z71 Rockstar

    hes right mine does the same thing and theres nothing you can do but run higher octane or add a octane booster to 87. i run 93 in mine but its tuned for it. you could always get a programmer and have it custom tuned like mine. i have no problems with shifting or pinging anymore but i also have a built transmission lol.
  4. mikester

    mikester Member

    At this point Im starting to think that I should have kept my 05 2500. That truck never missed a beat in the 6 years that I owned it. This one has a lot of quirky things that I dont really like. One other thing on the list is the material on the seats. I cant keep it clean. I vacuum the heck out of it and theres always lint on the seats. It seems the vac cant pick it all up. I wind up taking a sticky lint roller to both seats every time I clean the truck. Its not like I have a crappy vacuum or dont know how to clean a vehicle. I think GM dropped the ball with quite a few of their choices regarding the new trucks.
  5. aloxdaddy99

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    I have some of the same issues. I won't run high test in my truck. I am looking into a tune. Running higher test if your truck isn't tuned for it will only wear out your injectors.
  6. mikester

    mikester Member

    Great, so theres probably tons of trucks out there with the same problem. Has anyone gone to the dealer and complained ?
  7. Red Z71 Max

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    From what I understand the Dealers won't do anything for you. I have a 6.2 gas engine and I don't have to pinging problem but my 6 speed trans down shifts on the smallest of inclines. This even happens on interstate driving traveling at 75 mph. I really find this annoying but its just something I will have to live with for now!!! It may be from the 35's but I'm not sure because they were on it when I bought it. It's hard to say.
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  8. mikester

    mikester Member

    Wow, this kinda sucks for me. My wife and I have been thinking about giving her 03 Tahoe to our son and getting a late model Tahoe or Yukon to replace it. We were looking to get a low mile 2011 off the lot. This doesnt sound promising.
  9. SurrealOne

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    I don't consider having to run high test fuel in a gas truck to be a workaround for issues it has; dealerships need to buck up. If we wanted to run fuel that cost what high test does we'd have bought sports cars or diesels!

  10. JnBama

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    I have black cloth seats , use a medium stiff brush, wash cloth with mild soap and water when needed, they also zap you will good with static. Plan on spraying mine with Scotch Guard and have seat covers on my list. Too bad some of you having problems with AFM sure G.M. has plenty of complaints on file and the auto/truck magazines comment sections are full of complaints. Seems every make and model of vehicle has some type of issue or recall these days.

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