2011, 2012, 2013 Suburban???

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  1. hjp109

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    Does anyone know what the 2011+ years Suburban will look like? I've read some posts about the Escalade going to Lambda (which is a smaller version and looks like the Cadillac SRX) ... what about the Suburban? Will it do the same thing as cadillac or will it have its own look? Has anyone heard anything about it?
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  3. mricorp

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    Automotive News this week reports that the new generation of SUVs will be built on truck chassis not the crossover chassis.
  4. hjp109

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  5. justcuz

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    I had read that the Tahoe was going to be converted to a crossover...but the Suburban would remain on the truck chassis.

    There are too many governmental agencies who use them for different purposes to abandon the platform.
    When you look at the numbers sold annually it is not enough to negitively impact CAFE standards.

    I do believe we will see the baby Duramax come back too. Several foriegn makers are pushing clean diesel, (especially the Germans) to ignore it. Diesel will be the wave of the future as foriegn fuel supplies dwindle, we will be forced to get more MPG. Diesel will provide that mileage improvement until the next powertrain technology arrives.
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  6. Aeropagus

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    I'm wondering what will become of the next generation of suburban myself! Anyone have any spy photos they can upload?
  7. KidHauler

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    Not that it's a good lead, but AutoWeek, Jan. 10, 11, had a spot on the GMC Sierra All Terrain HD Concept truck at the Detroit Auto Show. I immediately thought that that front end would look great on the Burb!
  8. Kraziken

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    Funny, I thought I had read an earlier article about them possibly killing off the line because of R&D costs.

    My questions is. Is it that hard to re-create a Suburban platform after you've created the Silverado truck?

    In my opinion, the GMT900 is still fairly fresh, especially when you compare how long ght GMT400 ran, and the previous generation before that.

    Just refine the interior, add more options (cough, 4.5 Duramax, cough) and call it good.
  9. ChevyFan

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    I'll try to see what else I can find out about the 2012 and later Suburbans.
  10. ChevyFan

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    Anyone else read about this? I'll see what I can find out, but feel free to share ...

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