2011 brakes keep vibrating

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by Detroitboy, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. Detroitboy

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    Ok....now I have under 10,000 miles on my LTZ and the brakes are vibrating/shuddering AGAIN as if the front rotors are warped. It was perfect when it was new, and at under 3000 miles I had to take it in. The dealer did the front rotors and made a mess of my interior in the process. About 3000 miles after that it started again and this time the pedal was big time soft, so I took it to a different dealer since the one I bought it from had made such a mess of my interior. This dealer cut the rear drums and supposedly did the fronts too. Well...now its vibrating AGAIN without the pedal sinking. It feels like the front rotors again. When you start lightly applying the brakes at 50-55 mph it starts, but when you apply them harder it goes away.

    So I have not gone back to the dealer yet because I'm sure they will tell me that its not that bad or whatever. Gee...my GT500 has zero vibrations at any speed light or hard pedal, and my wife's MKX has no problem at any speed either. And this truck did not have this problem when it was new.

    I know darn well I could fix it myself by throwing new calipers and rotors at it. Thats what I had to do with my 2004 after repeated visits to the dealers with them saying "its not that bad...I've seen worse" and refusing to cover it on warranty. Any suggestions?
  2. UpsetProps

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    I had a very similar scenario on my 2007 1500. Front passenger brake rotor was warped from the day I got it and the dealership said exactly what they told you. "It's not that bad, not under warranty.....if you want it fixed you pay."

    *Edit* I should note mine was used and had 40k on it when I got it with the warped rotor...not brand new, but new to me.

    Funny thing is that dealership now owns that truck again with the brake rotor and pad in worse shape.

    Sorry I don't really have a suggestion, just thought I would chime in and say you are not alone with that issue.
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  3. JnBama

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    Don't let them push you around make a mess of my truck your going to clean it, sounds like they have some lazy dumb @$$ working in the sevice dept. Under 10k they should replace all defective parts, wheels lugs over torque? There is a GM customer service forum
  4. billnorman

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    My '07 warped the front rotors in less than 20K. I had them turned and they lasted another 60K when they were pretty well worn out, smooth but worn. I replaced them with some mail order Chinese junk, which has held up pretty well, just the pads make a lot of dust. The dealers generally suck after you sign your name on the dotted line, they don't know you.
  5. elkhornsun

    elkhornsun Member

    Contact GM customer service directly by phone and complain. In California there is a lemon law and it is worthwhile to document the work done and the conversations and keep any service orders whether or not any work was actually done.

    With my 98 Tahoe the rotors were too far gone to machine at 28K miles so I bought the best after market calibers and rotors I could find and had them put on the next time I needed to replace the pads. The truck went another 100K miles before I sold it and the rotors were fine and never needed to be machined.
  6. moogvo

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    Unfortunately, brake rotors are not on the list of complaints that qualify for lemon law buybacks. The rotors are thin and cheap compared to what we used to see back in the 80's and to some degree into the 90s. Hard braking will warp them up really fast. The best option on rotors is to realize that even the factory ones are cheap and replace them yourself with a nice, quality set. there are some aftermarket rotors that are cross drilled and slotted for not an awful lot of money. Upgrade your pads while you are in there and you have done a really nice brake upgrade that will serve you well!
  7. shibby2oo8

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    Jeez my 01 has 114k and original front rotors. Alot of dealers are running the on-car lathes that are just garbage. Plus if the shoes didnt seat they will thump also. They just need to bite the bullet and throw some new rotors on there. Go into the svc dept and just start yelling, i have seen this work countless times from both sides of the counter.
  8. ahmitchell1

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    I had similair issues when I got my 09. Like someone else said don't let them push you around make sure they get it fixed why it's under warranty I ended up with a whole new front braking system
  9. Dnarvel

    Dnarvel New Member

    I had the same issue before I bought my '07 used. The dealship noticed it, and cut the front rotors, but it came back a few months later. When I get the time I will be doing a full front brake replacement my, buying quality aftermarket parts. I suggest you do the same, or buy the parts and get someone to put them on. If the dealership cut the rotors but didn't smooth the pads as well, they won't seat properly and the vibration will come back.
  10. Coach24

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    My brakes have been soft from day one , but that is the way they are designed according to my dealer. Even though I test drove another one which had a firm pedal. Guess it is just hit and miss. My 200t had 80, 000 miles plus on original pads and rotors.

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