2011 Chev Silverado 1500 Problems

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by PhilDawson, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. PhilDawson

    PhilDawson New Member

    Hello all

    Never thought i would have to make a post about about a BRAND NEW vehicle but alas i do..

    Just bought a 2011 Chev Silverado 4 speed auto. 2 things are really bad with this vehicle....

    I have only put on a 1000kms on this and i am noticing that holding the gas pedal constant anywhere between 80 to 110 kph the thing just seems to judder and stutter.

    Also when facing up in parked and i shift to Drive as soon as i let off the brake the truck just rolls backwards and stalls. It does move forward in i hit the gas but being and auto it should not move anywhere..

    Anyone got any ideas?
  2. stephan

    stephan Rockstar 4 Years 5000 Posts

    Welcome to the club Phil. What is the idle rpm & how steep in this hill you're parking on?
  3. PhilDawson

    PhilDawson New Member

    Not sure idle rpm...just under a thousand i reckon...
    The hill i parked on is my drive...may a 30 degree slope if i had to guess....
    It's fairly steep.

    It's odd because i had 1998 chev z71 silverado and it never did that at all.

    To tell you the truth i'm kind of regretting getting the truck to be honest...nearly went with a Toyota but after having a chev with 380,000kms on it i thought why not stick to a Chev.

    So by your response i'm guessing this is a common problem?

    I spoke to GM canada tonight and they told be they are opening a file and i should take it in to the dealer first thing ( a bit of a no brainer)

    I am wondering if people have had the same issues were any of them resolved, and if so what was the "fix"

    Oh and thanks for the welcome by the way, I am located in the Kootenays, BC, Canada. 4x4 Heaven!

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    Oh and by the way this is the first 4 wheel forum i have joined. I'm a biker (sportbike) and belong to a few well known sites, and am an active member. I always find forums the best source for knowledge and i'd appreciate any feed back you may have.

    It's infuriating as the only new things i have bought were bikes. I bite the bullet and buy a brand new 4 wheeler and the damn thing is a lemon...good god
  4. stephan

    stephan Rockstar 4 Years 5000 Posts

    30 degrees is pretty steep Phil. I have a 20 degree section of road up to my house & mine won't hold at idle. There's 4 things that come into play here. The angle of your drive, the engine rpms, the weight of the vehicle & the stall speed of the torque convertor. I don't know if GM is going to have a fix for this, short of setting your idle way too high. There's not enough fluid friction in your torque convertor at idle to hold 4800 lbs from rolling down such a steep grade. Why your '98 didn't do it, I don't know. All I can guess is different trans & torque convertor with a lower stall speed.
  5. silveradotrailblazer

    silveradotrailblazer Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 5000 Posts

    Is it me or does it seem like theres been alot of new truck owners on this site with transmission issues??

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    Also, welcome to the club.
  6. 98Hotrod98

    98Hotrod98 Rockstar 100 Posts

    It does seem that way Trailblazer. I was a little surprised the 2011 had a 4spd trans, i thought 2010+ has 6spd autos.

    Either way, i wish phil the best of luck getting this resolved.
  7. silveradotrailblazer

    silveradotrailblazer Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 5000 Posts

    Maybe the GM service adviser will pass these owners displeaser with there transmissions on to GM. Hopefully the'll pay attention!!!
  8. PhilDawson

    PhilDawson New Member

    Took it to the dealer today. Drove the shop foreman about to replicate the problem at about 100 kph. He then drove it to see what he felt through the pedals.

    He is going to hook up his electronic gizmo and try to alter idle speed and take the wheels of and check for balance.
    I know he has to start some where but come on...wheel balance? no way.

    I have had the GM customer service dept call me back too, and ask me how everything is going. Since i have not picked up the truck yet i can't say anything. I told the lady on the phone that when i go pick it up if it's not right i'm taking straight back to the dealer.

    Also when i go back i'm going to ask to drive another truck and see if that does the same thing.

    So that's where i am at right now.
  9. PhilDawson

    PhilDawson New Member

    Well as an update...

    I had around 6000 kms on the Chev and the problem still persisted holding the gas pedal down at around 100 kph. Was going to just live with it as i got tire of GM customer service calling me to find out how it was going all the time, without offering to take the truck back and replace it. Yes i know it's a tall order but so is asking me to do 160 kms round trip to the dealer to fix a "Phantom Problem".

    But as life goes the wife ended up putting the thing into a ditch and insurance wrote it off.....ooooo so now what..lol
    Well Chev phoned me back and asked if i was coming to get another one as replacement. Nope went to Ford and bought the new F150 Eco Boost. Wouldn't you know it a smooth ride right off the hop.
    I hope this truck does me well, as Chev had not impressed me at all.
  10. billnorman

    billnorman Rockstar 100 Posts

    Can I borrow your wife? I have a 2007 Chev exded cab with tons of factory defects, and had a dealer that would not do a da*n thing about them, so I never took it back since the first three times I tried to get anything done correctly. They wouldn't do anything, and ruined my window channel straightening my door. Let us know if the Blue Oval has problems, I already know what GMC did to me, and if I ever hit the lottery, I will buy one. It couldn't be this bad.

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