2011 Chevy Silverado Z71 4x4 (Rides and Shifts a little rough)

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by smokerace, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. smokerace

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    Hey Guys,

    New to this forum. I just bought a new black Z71 silverado 4x4. I have noticed that the ride is a little rougher than my 2000 Z71 and the 6 speed has kinda odd shift points. I thought the ride might be related to the Rancho Shocks. Any ideas or similar problems?

    Other than that I love the truck!!! Black with Black Leather!!!
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    Welcome aboard! Just think of the rougher ride as the result of a vehicle built like a rock! Haha
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    welcome to the club, congrats on the new ride
  4. Welcome to the club. Maybe the shocks on your 2000 Z-71 were worn out and gave a soft ride.
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    Welcome to the club!
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    Welcome to G M T C ! Congrat's on the new truck!
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    Welcome aboard thread moved here.
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    Welcome to the club!
  9. Congratulations on your purchase. We appreciate your enthusiam here at General Motor. In terms of the rough ride, I would recommend breaking the vehicle in first. It may be that this newer version simply rides different than your old model. If you feel that this is the result of some kind of issue, I would recommend contacting your local dealership. You could even test drive a vehicle that is set up similarly to yours to get a sense of whether or not this is normal. Please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns or questions in the future. Thank you.

    Tricia, GM Customer Service.
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  10. smokerace

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    New Silverado

    Thanks for the messages guys.

    I believe the ride may be related to the Rancho Shocks maybe they need worn in a little. And the transmission isnt too bad its just when it shifts from 3,2,1 on a downshift you can feel a little thump as it goes down.
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  12. zekeman

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    I felt the same thing when this week I test drove a new 2011 Silverado with the
    "Z71 appearance package that has the Rancho shocks and the ride was a bit tight on the road especially here in New England after a bad winter there are ruts everywhere. I ended up buying a 2011 Sierra two days ago and it has a Z71 package just the factory shocks for a Z71 and it does ride a little smoother so I would think it's the Ranchos. The Silverado should should soften up just right with time. Enjoy the new ride these are beautiful trucks to say the least.
  13. 5Cent

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    I'm hoping for the same thing. The 2011 1500 rides rougher than my 2001 Duramax with Bilstein 5100's, but it all comes down to weight & compression properties of all the suspension components. I prefer a rougher ride, but hopefully it will get a little better over the next 5-10K miles. Once it hits 20K or so, Bilsteins will be replacing those Ranchos.

    P.S - Pretty cool to see GM get on here. Keep up the good work!
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