2011 Key Fob question, again

Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by dock420, Aug 25, 2012.

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    I have a 2011 crew cab with the 5.3. I know I have the AP8 package installed (which is the auto start prep package). With some help from this site and the local dealer, I have learned that I need part #17801236 and have the computer reprogrammed in order to activate my remote start. My question is, is the part number only two key fobs? If so, couldn't I "find" 2 of the fobs and simply have the computer re-flashed or is there something that comes with the GM box that I would need. Ive seen questions regarding the remote start asked on here before, Im just not wanting to pay $160, if I can help it.

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    Yep thats all the part number is, I bought the package for my 2011 Silverado, havent gotten to the dealer for the programming yet, probably be at the nex oil change. Every Silverado LT is pre-loaded with the AP8 package and depending on the options most Silverado LS trucks are too, unless it was specifically ordered with the package it wont be on a "WT" truck.
    GM parts direct is the best price you'll dind for that part, I know I spent way to much time researching it.

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