2011 Silverado w/ rear locker.

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by JayDawg, Mar 17, 2014.

  1. JayDawg

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    I just got this truck about 2 weeks ago and have a question about the rear locker. On my last truck, a Tacoma, it too had a rear locker. It would engage with a push of a button but I had to be in 4 Lo for that to work unless I did the rear locker mod on the truck. On this truck, my local dealer pulled up all of the truck specs by the VIN number and confirmed it does have a rear locker but I see no button to engage it. I'm assuming it does it automatically then when it detects it is needed. So now I am wondering if it also only does it in 4 Lo or 2 Hi and 4 Hi as well and if there is any type of mod out there that will also allow me to engage it whenever I want too?
  2. j cat

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    this type of diff eaton locker is always off unless one rear wheel rotates at a different speed then both axles lock in as one for some amount of rotations then if no slip speed difference, this is only one wheel drive.

    what you must do with this type diff is replace the diff fluid at the first 5,000miles then @ 40,000 miles. this will make the diff engagement much smoother .with bad oil the diff will delay and you will get a harsh engagement when the slip is sensed.. this is all mechanical not electric...bad oil it will bind..check oil and condition at every oil change !
  3. Pikey

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    you can install an arb air locker, an OX cable actuated locker, or a Auburn ETCHED electric locker. But, they require the entire carrier to be replaced, are not cheap ($650-$750) and require a good gear guy to install them ($400 labor)
  4. RayVoy

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    It's called a G80 (the build code that GM uses). You can verify that you have it by looking for the G80 code on the sticker that is on the inside of the glove box door.

    Those build codes will tell you everything that is in the truck, they are commonly called RPO (Regular Production Order) codes.

    If you want to decode some of them, I use this site http://www.rpocodes.com/
  5. JayDawg

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    So does the locker work in 2 Hi and 4 Hi as well as 4 Lo then?
  6. tbplus10

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    Works in 2wd, 4hi, and 4lo. Transfercase position has no affect on this model locker.
    Its all determined by wheel slip/spin.
  7. Pikey

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  8. JimmyA

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    Good info! Thanks
  9. JayDawg

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    Cool, thanks for the info and the video!
  10. j cat

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    with the vehicle in 2wd and you have with no slip sensed this is only one wheel drive ! this makes the drive train work less since with no slip both wheels engaged are not needed.

    as I stated before this is all mechanical controlled that is in the rear diff. this is why you must be sure to replace that dill fluid when it gets worn out.

    what I did not say was after you drain this fluid out you must remove the rear diff cover and clean out any debris. this will be metal sludge. also the diff cover has a magnet clean all this down with mineral spirits[paint thinner] or some use brake cleaner. I use a brush and the mineral spirits as it is not in a spray can,, cheaper ... wipe it all out with a cloth..

    when your in 4 wd your really in 3 wd. since the rear diff only will use one wheel for traction until a slip is detected.

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