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    I am putting an aftermarket bluetooth set (scosche BT1000) into my new 2011 silverado ls. The wiring came with a general plug and instructions to splice in the pink to the pink mute on the stereo (am/fm/xm/single cd). I was wandering if anyone had a wiring diagram for the stereo. I hate to open the dash up for wiring that doesn't exist or match. Any help would be great.
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    Welcome aboard! You should post your question in the appropriate technical forum. We have a couple of guys that are experts at auto stereo systems. I am sure someone there can answer your question.

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    There is no mute wire on the back of your factory stereo, the mute wire or audio interrupt wire is something you'll only find on a aftermarket deck. When you push the mute button on your steering wheel the audio is actually muted by your BCM not your stereo.
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