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    Hi im new here I live on Long Island NY , Im looing to install a nav system in my truck (2011 yukon ltz) and want to keep rear controls, usb ,on star etc. truck has no video but I want a factory nav with video and I want to add monitors as well, truck has bose , any idea whats involved here noticeed changes in 2010 nav unit and any part number that would work would be much appreciated Thanks John
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    Hi, john! First, welcome to GMTC. Glad to have you here. Regarding your Navigation question, if you want to go with a factory unit you will need the unit, an GPS antenna, and the mapping CD. I found this http://www.oemradios.com/parts.php
    You did not mention if you have the Rear entertainment center. I would call them and tell them what you want and what you currently have. They may be able to help. Even if they give you a part number, you can search the net for that number and possibly find it cheaper. Depending on what radio you currently have you may be able to just buy a Nav unlock cd and an antenna. Just a heads up: Make sure the radio you buy is unlocked. A dealer will charge between $100-$250 to unlock it. Make sure that it includes the nav CD. Make sure that it includes the antenna or at least the price is discounted if it does not.
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    Thanks so much it has rear entertainment as well , will check out link Thanks again John

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