2012 Chevy Silverado 1500 LTZ ZR1 4x4 Project

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Talk & GM News' started by elittle, Apr 8, 2012.

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    The exhaust sounds good. I like that a lot. Thanks for posting the vid. You basically have a 3 years newer version of my truck so some of our plans might be similar. It really depends how extreme you want to go. You could even go so far as to have a long travel suspension system built for the truck rather than lifting it. It'd be awesome for offroad, desert-type runs. It's also that much more money. The best thing I can say is be realistic about what you plan to do with it. For example, don't make it into a rock crawler. You can spend a fraction of the money and get a jeep or older chevy that's already lifted and everything. Once you figure out what you'l realistically do, then decide what you're willing to give up as far as mpg as a daily driver. There's going to be give and take everywhere. You can get something more than functional offroad without sacrificing a lot as far as on road use, but the more extreme you go one way or another, the more sacrifices you have to be ok with.

    Personally, I'm going primarily for function in a desert climate with enough clearance for rough roads, some ditches etc.. But for the really rough terrain, rocks, ditches etc, I'm planning to get something else. What I'm also trying to do is use my truck as a proof of concept that function and form don't have to be mutually exclusive. So I'll likely be making some sacrifices in specialized offroad function in order to keep it looking the way I want.

    The biggest thing is DO YOUR RESEARCH. And if you decide on EXACTLY what you want, then figure out what it'll cost you and save until you have that. Don't spend money just for the sake of it, but don't cut corners either.
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    Damn, now you have me thinking about a new motor! I really want to put a supercharger on it someday, but I think those go for around $6000. Might take a while before I have that much in a lump sum to do that.
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    Kenne bell is where it's at on superchargers
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    So after having the Borla system on for a few days I noticed and so did multiple other people that the right pipe coming out the back was way crooked. I went back to the place that installed it and they couldn't fix it properly. I got a hold of Borla and told them the situation. I sent Borla photos of the back of the truck as well as described what was wrong, and today they called me and told me they had new pieces made for me, and sent them overnight fedex free of charge.

    AWESOME customer service! They aren't sure what was wrong with it, but it only took them a couple days to get the stuff made and shipped out. It's nice to see a company who stands behind their product and was so fast to help me out and get this fixed.
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    glad to hear they fixed it for ya.


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    Yeah you can't beat a company that stands behind there products. Good for you.
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    So after the new kit arrived from Borla the left bracket was still off and the new kit was off a bit. I took it to another shop and they had to cut about 2" off the right tailpipe, then they put the exhaust tips on small jacks to make them perfectly even and I had them tac weld the pipes in place, then had them reclamp and retorque everything. Now it looks perfect!

    There may have been some defect or some measurement issue on their end. When I emailed Borla to tell them what I had to get done they offered to pay the shop fees and told me to keep the 2nd kit they sent out. I'm not going to take the money from them because I feel bad they had to send out a whole second kit, but I guess now I have a spare set in case I get rear ended. I give Borla 2 thumbs up for their customer service, it might have been a pain in the ass to get everything said and done, but at least they are willing to do anything they can to make it right.

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