2012 Chevy Silverado Paint Chipping

Discussion in 'Detailing & Truck Care' started by GrizzlyTN, May 3, 2012.

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    Check out this site, it has pre-cut protective film. A little pricey but if you can put it on yourself you'll save a lot of money.

  2. AMac

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    None of this would be covered by warranty? I'd be awfully upset too! :grrrrrr:
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    I agree, My 2011 also had 3 chips in the paint on the roof that Dumb me didnt look at when I bought the truck. Noticed it when I got home with the truck after driving it home with 600 miles. I have at least 4 chips on each side of the truck with only 3800 miles on it. Ive read that the trucks painted in Mexico were below standard so this may have been the issue. SUCKS!!:grrrrrr:
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    2010 silverado got taken back to dealer with this very question at 1400 miles. They told me it was not warrantable and it was due to increased construction in the area. I showed pics of my 2007 silverado that had none of that after 80,000+ miles and running dirt roads and Wyoming gravel roads for 2 years. They said my 07 was painted in Usa and the new trucks are being painted south of the border. Still no help from Gm.
    Have you had pitting on your windshield that is more prevalent than in previous years?
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    I havent had any issues with the windshield. Yet! But now you give me something more to not look forward to.
  6. Coach24

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    I have replaced mine three times. One was helped with a BB or Pellet gun the next just seem to pit , even though there is little dust or flying debri.
    My 07 went through an Albuquerque sandstorm and cam out fine. But these factory windshields are pitting at about 2500 miles
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    So you are replacing it with a factory installed windshield, or are you taking it to a windshield shop? Only curious because we had the same issue with a company truck and ended up taking it to a local shop and haven't had any issues since (about 1500 miles ago).
  8. I have just bought a 2012 Black Silverado Z71 LTZ package. I only had 37 miles and had a paint chip on the drivers side cab corner. GM repaired it. I now have had the truck almost 30 days and have 4,000 miles on it and have 4 more paint chips on the passenger side. All of the chips go down to the primer. I have called GM customer service and they are tracking it. I take the vehicle down to the body shop on Friday for them to take a look at it. I have running boards on the truck. Just trying to figure out why this paint is chipping all the way down to the primer?
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    My 2010 Sierra has chips on the hood and both front fenders! I am not to happy either. I think GM has sunk to a new low as far as paint goes..........

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