2012 Chevy Silverado Paint Chipping

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    Gentlemen, This is happening to all makes of vehicles. I had a Honda Accord which was the same way. Severe chips on the front of the hood. You can thank a branch of government for this, specifically the EPA. They required most solvents to be removed from paint compounds. All paints are now aqueous based (water) and are prone to chipping.

    Hope this hepls!
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    Did you take it back to the dealer? They do have a 3/36 bumper to bumper. Paint should not be falling off.
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    Look for recalls on paint it happens some times. In the 90's the white trucks had a major recall because GM used the wrong mix and clear coat so a lot of 94-97 white trucks peel paint a lot mainly on the front of the hood and top of the hood. My truck had that recall but never was brought in before it expired.
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    Folks, it really doesnt matter that your truck is painted in mexico or here in the states. Humans hands dont pain the trucks - robots do. They are setup to use the LEAST amount of material. Also, they are painted in mexico because the EPA is a Royal pain in the arse.

    Want a better paint job? Get the Government out of the EPA business.

    I put 3 med wet coats of clear on everything. Our trucks maybe have 2 light coats. Your tires, other cars all contribute to your chips.

    Take the truck to the dealer, they can determine if it has the factory standard for paint thickness etc...dont let them tell you they cant. If it doesnt they should fix it.

    But you arent going to see a finish like this on our trucks from the factory. (corvette intake)

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    2012 Silverado Z71 LTZ with paint chipping on the front bumper. Hood is fine, fenders fine, no paint chipping anywhere else, but 20-30 rock chips on the front bumper. I drive hard surface highways almost exclusively with very little gravel. The dealer told me that is normal wear and tear. Are they nuts? This is my 6th Chevy truck since 1972 and none of the others had this paint defect. Truck is 9 months old, what's it going to look like in 3-4 years. Chevy needs to step up and correct this issue, period.

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    It's been my experience that since the EPA mandated aqueous (water) based paints that the adhesion of this paint is really bad.
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    I have the same thing happening!

    I even have paint chips in the middle of the passenger doors! Definitely have no idea how this happens. They are not door dings. Paint just miraculously started chipping.

    I came to the site to see how common it was. evidently it is more common than I hoped. I will go to the dealer & see what they say.

    Thanks for the info.
  8. GM Customer Service

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    Hello parasport,

    I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing an issue with your vehicle. I understand that you may be visiting your local dealership regarding this issue. Please keep us posted on your concern and contact me via private message if you have any lingering questions or concerns.

    Jennifer T.
    GM Customer Care

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