2012 equinox LTZ touch screen bluetooth, GPS, subwoofer question

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    We bought this car from Car max and it was a rental car previously. I believe the sub is missing and I'm assuming an amp. what is the best way to replace these other than going to the dealership?

    also being that we have the 2012, the stereo doesn't have all the my link stuff or navigation to go with it. I have heard of people adding the navigation to the existing stereo at a reasonable cost. does anyone know about this?

    The last question is can i get my Bluetooth to pick up my music to play from my phone because as it is right now i can only use my phone through Bluetooth. how can i change this? Any help would be appreciated thanks!
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    Did you get this worked out yet? You can get them online if you want OEM, or you can get aftermarket for a little less money.

    Dealer is the most expensive, but it's going to be factory. You can probably get the 2013 or even 2014 systems to plug-and-play, but you might have to do an upgrade to the body control module. What's the model number of the head unit, if you have it.

    Wait, I just read what you wrote. You think that they took stuff out of the car, or it was ordered with factory delete ... meaning, just the very basic stuff was put in there?

    Check these out on the www.gmpartsclub.com website.

    2012 Equinoz LTZ
    Sound System - check this one out first
    Radio & Antenna - I think this shows the same stuff, just in a different way.

    I added links to these as well.

    Woofer - I only see one woofer for the 2012 Equinox. It's $88.
    Amplifier - Looks like there are three amps for that vehicle, ranging from about $240 to about $280. I linked to the middle priced unit, it's listed as "W/PREMIUM AUDIO, W/NOISE CONTROL" and there are options W/O both of them and then just W/PREMIUM AUDIO, W/O NOISE CONTROL.

    Let us know if that helps. Looks like if you add in both then you're in a grant total in the low $300's to gain the amplified and the woofer.


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