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    For about 6 month now service traction control/ service stabiltrac warning has been on. Cruise control only work some times. Clicking under the dash and brake lights coming on while driving and parked with nobody in van. I got it new and is my company work truck. My service manager know about this but doesn't give me time to take in. Has about 50K miles. Anybody know if this is a common issue. Any help would be great.
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    My father's 3500 passenger van had an issue with the abs sensor on the front passenger side. The mechanic said that these go bad at times. His issue was that bumps would set off the stabili track light. But not always. He didn't report any cruise control issues. Your problem sounds like a relay or something.
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    Hello! I understand that you have some concerns about your father's vehicle and are seeking some advice from your fellow forum members. I might not be able to give you any technical advice but I would like to look into these concerns for you. Please private message referencing this thread if I can be of any assistance.

    Jennifer T.
    GM Customer Care
  4. superduty_59

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    Mine does that sometimes when you hit a bump. I found a loose brake light switch wire on the brake pedal. Now the brake light don't come on by themselves anymore or click under the dash. My cruise now works all the time. My van now has 75k mile and is in the shop. I Had a major front end accident with this van when it was new. Only had 7k miles on it. They should have totaled it. Insurance wanted to fix. We took to a GM dealership. $18k in repair work. They had to replace most front end stuff including the trans cooler. Skip ahead 1.5 years. Last week I got 8 miles from my house one morning. Had cruise control set and the van started loosing speed. The trans was slipping. I tried to drop a gear and nothing. I coasted to the side of the road. No forward or reverse gears. I got out to find trans fluid all over the front bumper and the road. I got out my light to see. The high pressure hose clamp on the trans cooler was loose or stripped and the rubber line blew off. Not a big deal. I called my boss to tell him instead of sending a tow truck ($200-400) send our shop guy with some trans fluid. 2 hrs later ( I live 75 miles from our shop) he shows up with 6 quarts of Dextron VI fluid. It took 4.5 quarts. I put the line back on and used a new clamp. I was back in business. I drove towards my first job. My trans slipped a little from 3-4 gear. I figured it maybe had some air still in the line. ^0 miles later and when the torque converter would unlock it had a loud growling sound and would not pull up a small hill unless you let off and creaped up the hill. I took it to a GM dealership where we have been taking our trucks. Next day my boss gets a call from GM dealership. $3400 to replace trans on a 2012 75K mile van. My boss was honest and told them that I put trans hose back on and refilled with correct fluid. If we would have lied to them and said trans was just slipping it would be covered under warranty but because we were honest and told them that I fixed it correctly we have to eat the $3400. Simply putting the line back on caused warranty to be denied. Our policy is now to have towed if there is a problem like that. There have been 5 other guys that work for us that have happened the same thing and the trans didn't go out. Not a very good design if that would cause a trans to fail at 75K miles. I am an American and try to buy American but our company bought a Nissan high top van thing and the tech loves it. We may buy more of these foreign Nissan van things if that's how GM treats us. We buy about 10 new GM truck and vans a year, maybe buy Nissan from now on.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I am always the first to defend America and American made products but I can only go so far. I have had good luck with Americn made trucks, cars, vans, ect. Most friends/ family have switched to something foreign ( Nissan Toyota Honda ect). Not me I always defend American made. What's ironic is that american made is really made in mexico or canada or the parts are made somewhere and assembeled here. Where as Hondas are mostly made with american made parts and built in Ohio not far from me. The big 3 can't make enough profit so the take jobs from this country and set up a factory in mexico and pay the workers $3 an hour. Honda started building cars here in america to avoid the high import tax. Honda employs american workers to build cars here in america using parts built right here in america, they pay the workers $14 per hour if a temp and $25 for full time. Doing this Honda also make a huge profit.

    Here is my problem, do I buy (GM Ford Chrysler American company) where they assemble foreign parts to make a USA made product or do I buy a (Honda Nissan Toyota foreign company) where they take american made parts and assemble them here in the USA with american workers?

    I'm not going to do either. I will build my own. I will buy and restore a classic american made truck 1969 Chevy custom 4 door crew cab, 4x4, diesel.

    End of rant!

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