2012 Silverado Wind Noise Nightmare.

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by JRD761, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. JRD761

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    I have a 2012 Silverado Extended Cab that I purchased brand new in October.
    Ever since I bought the truck I've had a wind noise issue coming from the top of the driver's door.

    It use to be a random problem (would only happen when I was driving into the wind). But, I did notice the top of the driver's door did sit lower than the rear driver's side door.. so I thought this may have had something to do with it.

    Visit # 1 - Since the noise was random, I just mentioned it to the dealer during the first oil change. They said they'd take a look at it and they put me in a rental car for the night. I picked up the truck the next morning and the dealer said they made an "adjustment" and to try it out and see if it was better.

    The "adjustment" only made the noise worse - it's now happening all the time while I'm at 60 mph on the freeway. Plus, the gap between the two doors still existed. And now the noise is even worse when I'm on the freeway going around a curve - It sounds like the door is open!

    Visit # 2 - I took the truck back the next week on my days off and told them it made the noise worse. They gave me a rental car for the night. They called me the next morning and said I can pick up the truck - they contacted GM and they said to replace the seal around the door and the special order part would take a couple days to get. I asked if this would fix the gap in between the two doors and the service adviser said it would.

    Visit # 3 & 4 -
    The special order seal was installed. I waited for the truck while they did this... They gave me the truck back, I drove it around and immediately took it back to the dealer - the noise was still just as bad as before, and the gap between the two doors was still there. They put me in a rental car and sent the truck to a body shop for "adjustment".

    Visit # 5 -
    I came back the next day to pick up the truck and noticed a scrape in the paint on the driver's door pillar that wasn't there. The dealer took the truck back to the body shop and had that part of the door repainted. I was sent home in another rental car for the night.

    Now the wind noise is still present and it's just as bad as it was after the first visit. However, I moved 100+ miles away last weekend from the other dealer.. and with a new work schedule it's not possible to take the truck back to that dealer.

    I just dropped the truck off at a new dealer for visit # 6 for this issue. And man, I miss the old dealer! This dealer was very rude about the whole situation.. and when I asked for a rental car (because they were keeping my car overnight because I get off work at 4pm), they said that they couldn't because this wasn't a drivability concern. Really?? Why did the other dealer have no problem giving me a rental car??

    Sorry, but I just needed to rant. I'm very upset that I spent all this money for a brand new truck and I'm having a problem like this, and then have to deal with a new dealer that doesn't seem to really want to help. It's embarrassing to have my friends get in my brand new truck and then hear this noise and think a door is open or a window is down. I don't think it's right.. shows poor quality in my opinion. This is just all a nightmare..

    Any suggestions on what to do?
  2. dsfloyd

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    Dang, sorry to hear about your problems

    E_HILLMAN Member 1 Year

  4. GM Customer Service

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    I apologize for the inconvenience this has has caused you. If you would like this looked into, please send us PM with your VIN#, name + contact information, situation, dealership, and current mileage. I hope this can be resolved quickly for you. Regards.


    GM Customer Service (Assisting Evan)
  5. JRD761

    JRD761 Rockstar 100 Posts

    Got the truck back today. They said they took the truck to a body shop and they made a couple adjustments. And, the service adviser said that "these trucks have a lot of wind noise".. and that I need to make sure my doors are shut completely.

    But what is really crappy is that once I got home I found they wrote on my service ticket "No air leaks found. No water leaks found. No problems found."... Uh, if there wasn't a problem, why was it sent to the body shop?
    I got on the freeway, the noise is still there. The same was before I took it to them...
  6. JRD761

    JRD761 Rockstar 100 Posts

    Well, I've been driving the truck around for the last couple weeks with the same problem. I kind of figured that it'd never get fixed.

    Last night we had a huge rain storm that I got caught in the middle of. When I was on the freeway at approximately 65 MPH and I'd go around a curve/bend in the freeway, water would leak in through the same area I was hearing the wind noise at. And it was a pretty decent ammout..

    I took the truck to the dealer today and saw the Tech spraying water on the truck in the same area the noise is coming from. They couldn't get it to leak, and I told him about how it only did it in the curves.. He said that it would be hard to replicate. He then said that he wanted to send the truck back to the body shop because he saw an adjustment that could be made (and he said they were suppose to do this last time, but they "didn't do anything"). The body shop is closed tomorrow, so I'm taking the truck back Monday and hopefully this will end this nightmare..
  7. KyleZ71

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    Please let us know if this fixes your problem. Wishing the best!
  8. Skippy

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    Yeah, I'd be following up with the GM Service Rep who posted above. I'm sure they'll take care of you! Chevy's a great company, in spite of a few people behind "how may I help you today" badges. :)

  9. Pikey

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    If it only happened on the corners I would assume that it was because of wind pushing the water thru the spot. Why couldn't the tech spray it with water and then use a nozzle on an air hose to simulate the wind pushing the water?
  10. ChevyFan

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    Can you get a passenger record the sound on a smartphone? I'd like to hear the sound, pitch, etc.

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