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    Hello all. I didn't see a place in the forum for the new Chevrolet "Sonic" - I bought a new Sonic LTZ Hatchback a month ago. I'm extremely pleased - great commuting car, handles like a Mercedez (better, actually - I've had one of those pieces of crap), very little room for any storage space. It's getting about 31 mpg in the city. I wish it had about two more feet of space behing the rear seat, but, well, you know what they say about wishing. I love the car.

    I could use some suggestions about a trailer hitch or a rack on top. This car is not made for a trailer hitch - I've looked underneath and it appears that it would be impossible to install a "Draw-tight" style hitch (I only want one to carry a bike rack, don't intend to haul any sort of trailer). I'm pretty sure I will have to get a rack installed. Can anyone point me in the right direction where I might find a roof rack? I probably need to have it installed, too - I would be afraid to mess with something like that. I'm in the D/FW area. Thanks!
  2. Texas Kid

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    Never mind folks. Racks and hitches are all over the internet. Thanks anyway!

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