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    Just bought a black 2012 Avalanche LT manufactured Mar '12 and the wife gets the old 07. The 12 came with a smooth finished sail, saddlebags and tailgate spoiler painted in the same black gloss finish as the body.....the tonneau covers were in the traditional low gloss black pebbled finish. In addition the roof brakelight spanned the entire back roof and had LEDs instead of bulbs.Looks like an Escalade EXT color coordinated rear end finish. Salesman claimed that the '12s were coming that way, but the red and silver ones in the lot (and a black one at another dealer) had the traditional low gloss black pebbled finished and shorter roof light. In the past I've seen this in a Caddy white finish on a special version Avalanche but I believe that the sail, saddlebags and spoiler had a pebbled instead of a smooth finish.

    No indication of this change or the upgrade to a two speed transfer case indicated on the sticker. Not complaining because it looks great, but interested if anyone can explain the change.
  2. RayVoy

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    The smooth, and painted sails (with the LED light) and saddle bags are from the Caddy, and are an option on the Av.

    The 2 speed t-case is only available if you buy the Z71 option, or the heavy duty trailer cooling pkg.

    BTW, 2013 will be the last year for the Av (Chevy and Caddy versions).
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    as said above it is an Opt.. And if you would have waited for a 2013 Black Ed you would have saved $1500.00 they are lowering the price for the last year.. :(

    Welcome Are you on any of the Avalanche sites?
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    No reason to wait for the 2013 Black Edition to save $1500. which is a just a 2012 with $25. emblem. The '12 had a $5K rebate plus owner loyalty plus they were hot to trot the last '12 Avy out the door and eat the holdback and probably at a loss to get a Chevy bonus for dumping their last '12 Avy......stickered at $49,090 ($50,090 - $1,000 for the All Star package) and I paid $38.6K rollout (plus only tax which goes to the State where we pay sales tax only on the cash difference of the vehicles' plate transfer not the purchase price) on a cash deal so no B.S. or hidden maneuvering on my trade which I sold privately so I know exactly what I paid.....No way in hell could I get any 2013 Avy for over 11K under sticker.....in addition the dealer threw in 4 molded stone guards and a hood deflector for self install! What a ride!

    And the two speed transfer case is included with the heavy duty cooling system in the All Star Edition package, but not listed on the sticker. The truck goes into 4 low and neutral so it definitely has a two speed transfer case.

    Just re-did the '07 with Bondo Restore Black after 15+ months.......did the sails, saddlebags, spoiler, and running boards.....lokks great for another year!

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