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    I have actually done alot of research into the new Colorado series (mainly because the rally concept is what i dream of hitting dunes with) and according to certain articles published after the formal release of the colorado in Buenos Aires, East India and Thailand say that the emissions standards set out in North America are not met by the 4 cyl diesel they include in the options for this specific Colorado. This fact really turned me off. However, "rumours" have been heard that the North American release date may be pushed back(2014) to accomodate for the emissions issues. I would really appreciate if anyone has any more specific information rather than just internet articles. Also to all friends of the manual transmissions in trucks every single Colorado Rally Concept displayed at car shows have been manual which was also a very exciting fact for me to hear. However, I do agree with those of you with the problems with the asthetics of the new models, but for the rally concept I believe this will be my next truck :sign0021:

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  2. songkrai

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    I wholeheartedly agree.
    What is wrong with GM Marketing?

    I want the vinyl seats. I want the vinyl floor carpet. I have a dog. Enough said.
    The vinyl seats are the same seats as all others.
    Why can't GM offer the vinyl seats as an option? I'd pay extra for such.
    Yes, vinyl seats are not for everyone.
    But they make them. They offer them on Work Truck. Why not make this an option on all trucks?
    I want the vinyl carpet. The vinyl carpet is offered on the Work Truck. Why not make this an option for all of the trucks?
    GM Marketing has me baffled at times.
  3. songkrai

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    Also forgot to ad.
    Why not offer standard steel wheels on all models?

    2012 Colorado.jpg

    2012 Chevrolet Colorado LT.
    Came with aluminum alloy rims. I took off factory rims/tires and placed in storage.
    Dealer will not swap rims/tires from Work Truck.
    Took a great deal of effort, time, and money to get standard steel rims on this LT.
  4. K15 Blazer Guy

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    that front grill makes me wanna puke...
    they took a truck, and gave it the front end off a 'girl car'
    unless the V8 has 4WD... theyre not going to sell any of these...

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