2013 Chevy Colorado - Still Waiting in the US.

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    I just took a glance at the Chevrolet Website recently and was a little surprised to see that the listing for the Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck still only shows the 2012 model when viewing the US website, there is no mention of the 2013 model for sale in the states. Other models offered for sale in the US that still have 2012-model inventory, like the Silverado, Traverse and the Cruze, have options to choose either the 2012 or 2013 models.


    2013 Colorado - Why Not Ready For US Sales
    What makes the Chevy Colorado not be for sale in the US, when the rest of the world has access to it? Wasn't there a big media launch last year regarding a new Chevy Colorado pickup? Yes, General Motors revealed this new truck in Asia in 2011/2012 as compact and mid-size pickup trucks are big business in that part of the world. However, you may or may not know about the Chicken Tax and corresponding tariff from the 1960's. Basically, it means that complete body light pickup trucks are hit with a 25% import tariff!

    Since the big market for these trucks is in places like Thailand, it makes sense to build it there. Therefore none of the North American plants were initially retooled to build the newest version of these trucks. However, GM has committed to investment in the Wentzville, Missouri plant to build both the Chevrolet Colorado and the GMC Canyon.
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    I hope the interior are a little wider than the present ones.
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    I'll ask at the GM Booth when I go to the NY Auto Show next week..

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