2013 Silverado and Sierra price differences.

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    Hello all.

    A friend of mine is interested in either a Silverado or Sierra.

    I told him that are identical trucks besides the grill, headlights, tail lights, rims, and fender flares. I said choose which one you like the best and the best price.

    We went to gmc.com and chevrolet.com to build the trucks. He could see what they were going to look like without having to go to a dealer. You can select identical packages, color, and such, and after equipping each truck with the same features, the Sierra was ~$600 more.

    Now I know you can normally "negotiate" any small differences like that out, but I was wondering why a Sierra is ~$600 more than a Silverado when they are identical trucks besides cosmetic features.

    My friend said he liked the Silverado front end better, but liked the Sierra wheels better. I said choose the one you like best.

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