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Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by tig7633, Jul 12, 2014.

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    Guys, a little help........2004 suburban with aftermarket MB motoring rims. Looking to take advantage of a deal on almost new 2013 rims. Mine need new sensors and rubber, bad part is the center caps on my old rims are shot, nice rims, but look like crap this way. I was wondering if there would be any fit up questions on the stock 17" fim on my 04. I found of oem sensors for 150.00.

    Next question.....rubber, rubber, rubber ..... The longest life out of any tires on this rig is 32k??????? I have used LT and HT truck tires, is this just common to get 1/2 life out of tires on this beast? They are maintained well, but chew straight down. also, being in florida, good wet running tires is a must? any thoughts? tried Cooper, Goodyear & Definity so far....... oh forgot to mention the car is either around town or weekend road trips, not much in between, no real hauling other than cargo in the box (kid stuff). OH yea, there is that other part..... the regular driver, drives like a cop on the road - driving hard, not smokey and the bandit, but you get the picture.
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    I got 75000 out each of my last 2 sets of Michelin ltx m/s. I like the wAy they ride and they last a long time
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    You have had some ****ty tires then. HT tires are nothing more then a tire that would be found on a car but is sized for a truck. You may not have had the correct load tires as well. I have always had E load tires on my suburban and I always have atleast an AT tire. My first set I got 60k on and those were E load AT tires, with a tread similar to the BFG ATs, I currently have E load 285 AT/Mud Hybrid tires with 45k on them and I have only chewed through 45% of the original tread. I live in MN so I deal with EVERY kind of terrain and weather you can think of. I offroad/gravel road occasionaly so they see it all. If you can afford them Hyrbrid tires are the way to go in my book (Goodyear Duratracs or Kelly Safari TSR).
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    Thanks for the tips guys

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