2013 Tundra vs. 2013 Silverado

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by stchman, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. stchman

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    Hello all.

    Just for grins I went to a local Toyota dealer and wanted to see what all the fuss about a Tundra Crew Max was all about.

    I wanted to look at a 2WD competitor to the Silverado LTZ. The salesman showed me a black one with a tan interior.

    I almost went into shock, the stick was $48K. My 2013 was $43K MSRP, but I paid $38K after negotiating. The only things my Silverado does not have is a moon-roof and Nav.

    He said if the one I was looking at did not have enough they have a Platinum edition, but they start at $51K.

    The $48K one I looked at didn't even have 20" wheels or remote start!!!!!

    One thing I will give props on a Tundra Crew Max is the back seat, that thing is cavernous compared to the Silverado's back seat.

    After looking at an F150 and now a Tundra, I think that a Silverado is better buy.
  2. silverhobey

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    we "looked " Tundras as well....minimum price difference was over $3500 from what
    we got our 4.8 Crew Cab 2WD for. agree though, the whole family could sit in the
    back seat of them, alone !!! Brian

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