2014 Chevrolet Silverado1500 LT 4X4

Discussion in 'Member Garages' started by Wilder Bill, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. Wilder Bill

    Wilder Bill New Member

    2014 (2014-02-06 02:22:44)
  2. 64C10

    64C10 Member

    Nice, know you just need to hold your breath and cringe waiting for the first person to hit it. mine was hit on 1/30/14, have to replace the rear bumper.
  3. Wilder Bill

    Wilder Bill New Member

    Tell me about it. I'm getting used to long walks in parking lots, lol.

    It's not gonna be a garage princess but getting over the perfectness of a new vehicle is a bitch! After the first few dings and dents the anxiety will pass and I can enjoy it more.

    Sorry to hear yours was hit. How'd that happen?

    Personally, I would take advantage of the situation and replace it with an earlier "2nd gen" bumper but I don't know if it would bolt up or not. Good question and I've heard other people say the same thing, they'd like to get rid of the step bumper. I don't really care for the built in steps. I think the 2nd gen bumpers looked cleaner but I'm stuck with steps till someone hits mine I guess. All in how you look at it.

    BTW, how'd the bumper hold up? Is it pretty solid?
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  4. 64C10

    64C10 Member

    i know what you mean, i felt the same way

    the traffic was heavy and moving slow, light turned green we moved about 3 feet and stopped the guy behind did not, i think he was playing catch up, when i stopped at light i last in line. if not for the receiver part of my 2 part draw bar it would have been worse, as is there is a small dent on ether side of hitch.

    i wasn't sure about the looks of the rear bumper at first but it is growing on me.
  5. Wilder Bill

    Wilder Bill New Member

    Yeah, it doesn't look bad I guess. I should stop trying to imagine it without steps. lol

    Sounds like your draw bar helped out quite a bit. Did it at least mess his car up?

    What kind of mod's have you put on yours? Have any pics? I'm looking at a cat-back system at the moment. Finally have a V8 again but can't hear the damn thing. I haven't had a V8 since my 73 cutlass 20 years ago. Nothing but 6 cylinders. Boy did I miss having a motor all those years. Now I have one but i can't hear it. I'll take care of that real quick! Other than that I love the truck so far. I might think about saving up for some wider tires this summer. It came with 265/65/18's on it stock. Between guns and truck parts I don't have much extra money any more but I do have a lot of fun. I'll bet you have some good places to go shooting in KY huh?

    Other than the mindless idiot that hit you how do you like your Rado so far? Was yours part of that recall too?
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  6. 64C10

    64C10 Member

    he was in a 2006 F150, you could see that his front bumper had squire notch in the front of it plus the top front corners where about 2 inches from the fenders. it had been rolled under some.:sign0173:

    as for mods so far just Extang solid tri-fold bed cover, AVS window and hood deflectors. before summer i need to get the windows tinted and the bed sprayed.

    i had cat backs on my 94 Silverado, loved the sound but in the winter i had no heat. i did not change the thermostat because i pulled a lot in the summer so i wanted to keep the heat down. that truck would pull anything you could hook to it, had the 350 with TBI.

    it took a while to get use to the radio but with the USB i have 16 gig thumb drive with all of my music on it i dont even bother with the CDs anymore. i had 2 recalls on my truck 1 for the BCM and 1 for the ECM.

    im not sure i like the traction control, i like to have fun in the winter. the system does work fairly well.
  7. Wilder Bill

    Wilder Bill New Member

    I've never heard of a cat back system lowering engine temp but it makes sense I guess. More airflow, cylinders evacuate more completely. Less heat buildup. Hope I don't have a similar problem. I just got off the phone with the guy that's gonna install the system and he told me to go with a magnaflow instead of a flowmaster. He said they are better systems. Better steel, less problems, etc. Glad I called when I did. He also got me $160.00 off the same system I was looking at. Well, anyway I hope I like how it sounds.

    I use an mp3 player in mine. Sucks that I don't have nav built in though. They want you to use on star for navigation. Did on star and XM bug the heck out of you too? They have been calling wanting me to subscribe. I told them I have a gps an mp3 player and a cell phone, why the hell do I need on star? Esp at 150 bucks a year. I paid for the truck, isn't that enough?

    Biggest surprise I got was at the gas pump. I've been feeding a sedan for the past few years and could drive all week on $45. First fillup was $74 bucks! With the truck you don't "fill up", you "take on fuel".

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