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    The 2014 Chevy Silverado will be released this next week in Detroit. I've got obligations in Texas so I can't go, that's a shame (anyone want to go in my place?). Let's keep this thread dedicated to the 2014 Chevy Silverado release news.

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    I wish I would have seen this post earlier! I would have been there for sure. It is approx. 45 minutes from my home. [MENTION=1]Steve[/MENTION] , next time something like this comes up in Detroit and you want someone to check it out PM Me please.

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    I tried the link but it says that it is "off air"
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    Two trucks are now more distinguishable from each other. The Sierra has more items on it that are STANDARD over the Silverado. I would describe the look of the Sierra to be that of the GMC Terrain Concept (The front End, lights are and everything are similar)

    Here are the Spec's.
    Engines: Now called EcoTec3
    4.3L V6 - (untold HP)
    5.3L V8 - (untold HP)
    6.2L V8 - (untold HP)

    All three use direct fuel injection, advanced combustion system, and AFM (active fuel management). They said the were not going to do a Turbo v6 like competitors because they believe that to be an engine for a car. The AFM systems are more adaptive and make more power and fuel efficiency.

    Stronger rear axles
    Racho Shocks on Z-71 models
    4 Wheel Disc Brakes STANDARD on ALL models.

    Features: Now comes with HEATED CLOTH seats (first time in cloth), fabrics used are higher grade and harder to stain, inside pieces are made of actual Aluminum rather than plastics, Dual Firm Seats (better seats), Mylink (for Silverado) & Intelli-link (for Sierra), Voice Recognition, Forward Collision Alert, Alert Lane warning, Trailer sway control, Hill Decent Control.

    - Doors are now in-laid rather than covering the frame, thus reducing wind noise. Also cab has been fitted with noise dampening material to reduce noise from travel.
    - 2/3 of the cab is made of STEEL!
    - Frame is still the same, Hydro-formed solid steel boxed frame.

    Here's a NEW ONE: On 1500 Crew Cab models you know how you could only get a short bed (5'8")?
    - Now, you can get a standard size bed (6'5") on a 1500 CREW CAB!

    Some added features:
    - Corner step bumper (the two ends of the rear bumper there are grooves for you to stick a foot in so you can get access to the rear of the bed.
    - EZ lift tailgates (they were available before on 07-13 models) But, there is a dampener that slowly drop the tailgate down so it doesn't fall down hard and make a "bang" sound.

    On the Sierra there is LED lighting STANDARD on all models, on the Silverado it is an option.
    - 500 lb rated hooks on the 4 corners of the bed for tie down points.

    Doors for Crew Cab are now a bit longer.

    DOORS FOR EXTENDED CAB: No longer are they dependent of the front doors to open. They are their own door, with their own horizontal door handles.

    A few other spec's are left out, I tried writing down as much as I could. Both trucks look good, I will say that the will be showing what level trim they are in the front bottom right corner of the grill (much in the same way the Camaro does for it's "SS" emblem) Sierra looks much better in my opinion. Both are great trucks, can't wait to read more on them!

    Hope you all can read this, and sorry for the spotty info!
    No details on the 2500 or 3500 yet. All info given ^ Above ^ was about the 1500's!!!

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    link went down after the event was over, the event only lasted online for about 30 minutes. No word yet if or when they will announce the 2500 & 3500 models. I was hoping for an SS model or maybe a Raptor Killer, seems that GM is leaving those two trucks out of the equation.

    - the site http://www.futureofpickups.com/content/product/public/us/en/futureofpickups/news.html is down -

    But they might use it again later on for the HD Trucks.

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    This is exactly what the Sierra Front-End looks like, who know's we might see this Truck as a Competitor to the PowerWagon by Dodge in the 2500's series. This truck was the GMC Terrain Concept.

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    For the most part, this is what the Silverado Looks like, the lights were supposed to be a reminiscent image of the 1983's Chevy Silverado front end..


    I apologize for "spamming" with updates, I'm kind of enthusiastic about cars/trucks/mechanical stuff. :gasp:

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    1 more thing, in a quick glance at the interior they gave us for the most part it looks like this..[​IMG]

    However, on the Sierra I do believe it had some sort of padded leather this actual stitching. I know GM announced that they would would be making a new trim level called "High Country" to compete with Ford's Lariat edition, and Dodge's Longhorn Laramie (something along those lines)

    Still no word yet on what all those buttons are for, but I know as with my 09 Silverado there might as well be back-up sensors, back-up camera, Bluetooth, hands-free calling, pedal adjusters, and traction/stabilitrak controls.

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    Alright, one last post and I have to study for my finals..


    " A family of three all-new engines
    The EcoTec3 lineup for the 2014 Silverado and Sierra 1500 includes a 4.3L V-6 and 5.3L and 6.2L V-8s, all matched with proven, efficient six-speed transmissions in the United States and Canada. "

    - http://www.gm.com/content/gmcom/hom...s_us_en_2012_dec_1213_ecotec3-engines.gm.html

    Seems they did away with the 4.8L V8 and are only offering these 3 Engines and so far only with the the 6-speed Hydra-automatic transmission. I'm guessing they are getting rid of the 4-speed auto aswell... While searching around I found what appears to be a possible "SS" of the new 1500 series Silverado..

    It's my first time contributing to this type of forum in a "large" scale, let me know if I did too much or just about right. I know it's about people contributing information together, but I don't want anything to be left out so from here it should be easier to post more stuff! Peace out! :sign0144:
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    i think you did just fine!

    dunno what i think of em. the front ends just look weird to me.

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    Heads up! The Future of Pickup's link works, you can watch the full debut!
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    Don't apologize for wanting to write content! :)

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    Well, they were paying for airfare and hotel ... so anyone could have done it if he/she can write. :) However, I'll keep that in mind.
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    The only thing I like about the Sierra front end is the single-slot bumper grille opening. The huge, square main grille is just too Ford-shaped for my liking...
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    @Tungsten23 thanks for the updates, it made it so I did not have to search all over the web or watch the video to get the info I wanted. @Steve, if it comes to actually writing content or an article I actually write fairly well. Posts don't really allow one to showcase their writing skills. I believe that a member looking for a solution does not want to read an article about their issue. They want an answer. Plus, my wife has a degree in Language Arts and she proof reads any reports or research papers that I write and she is not all that nice to me if I don't meet her high expectations. Next time you have a schedule conflict with something like this I would be happy to help out :)
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    Some highlights I saw, that I would like to put up for other members and guests reading this. Here are some of the highlight-able pictures. I don't know if it's okay for me to post them, but I felt it was fair to do so. Here's the pictures of the interior, and notably the new body style's.

    The Picture's are of GM's new Product. I may also state, this is not the end of what GM has to surprise us with...

    2014 Chevrolet Impala - Unveiled. Not sold yet.
    2014 Chevrolet SS - "Sport Sedan" (might be a true "SS" SuperSport) 4-door sedan, RWD, V8. Still under wraps.
    2014 Chevrolet Colorado - A few pictures are out.. Not sold yet.
    2014 Chevrolet Trailblazer - Few pictures and renderings.. Not sold yet.
    2014 Chevrolet Tahoe/Suburban - Maybe a Dura-Burb?.. Still under wraps.
    2014 Chevrolet Silverado HD's - Heavy Duty's are still another story that is untold.

    And my finals are done so maybe I can finally do more stuff on here. Hope you guys enjoy the pic's, can't wait to see these trucks reviewed!

    new Sierra.jpg new silverado 2.jpg new SILVERADO.jpg
    sierra interior 2.jpg sierra interior 3.jpg sierra interior.jpg Sierra rear.jpg silverado inside.jpg
  11. Pikey

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    The hanging file system in the center console along with the clam shell style glove box are interesting!
  12. stchman

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    I like how Mike and Jeff said that the Sierra and Silverado are MORE differentiated than ever before. Whatever, they are pretty much the same truck with different cosmetics.

    IMO, the GMC's headlights are really stupid looking.
  13. jsmith4816

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    They are different, thats for sure. The interior is crazy for both trucks. IMO I think the Sierra front end looks to much like a Honda Ridgeline. I dont even wanna know what the price tag will be for either. But all in all, I think I will need to go to a dealer and look at exactly what they offer.
  14. Tungsten23

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    At least they got rid of the stupid end-caps on the Silverado Front-end! Finally have a real bumper on the front! Sierra seems more refined and has some of the optional features for that are on the Silverado as STANDARD on the GMC. I don't this the pictures do the truck an justice, I want to see these things on the road and lifted (mildly)!
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    wow, thanks for all the updates and info guys.......Brian
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    I like the grille, but obviously I'm a little biased...

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  17. ElbowJoe

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    Kinda boxy looking if you ask me. And what is with the overly squared wheel wells? Adds to the boxy look. Interior looks nice. Windshield rake is noticeably increased. However, like others, I will have to see it in person to really get an impression. With all the techy stuff, I hope they did not forget about the working aspect and offer a more stripped down (and affordable) model made for construction, farm and hauling use. Bells and whistles are nice - but not what most trucks are used for and certainly not what the average truck owner can afford.
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    I am intrigued by a 1500 1/2 ton crew cab with a 6.6ft medium bed.... I might not need to move to a 2500.

    But then I have a concern about what it's bed and towing capacity is, right now I have a 7500lbs tow capacity.... is choosing the 1500 crew with 6.6ft bed going to drop that? (moving me back to a 2500).

    And as far has GMC vs. Chevy..... come on. Look at those 2 trucks...... (This is like the Iphone/Samsung crap). "Samsung copied our rounded corners on the iphone so we are going to sue them"

    I see absolutely no difference in these 2 trucks. Ok, the grill is different, the rims are different, You get HID's and LED's in the GMC....

    How is that any different than the silverado? Most silverado owners will do after market upgrades to get those features.

    There is no "distinct" difference in the 2 trucks, so per the video, that is one *** of an epic fail on GM's part again.

    .... The GMC has less road noise? ok, I will get the silverado and dyno mat the cab?

    Is that what this has come down to? Sometimes you really have to laugh at what they do to "fake" people into thinking the trucks are different.

    Even the engine and tranny options are the same in both trucks.... absolutely no difference except how much extra chrome plated plastic people want to pay more for on the GMC.
  19. Enkeiavalanche

    Enkeiavalanche Moderator

    Now you tell us..... Anyway I saw the review on CR and they already say it´s NOT as quiet as the 2 other brands and the brakes are not as good so maybe GM could look into this BEFORE they come out not after 2 years.. I do like that Rear (First Avalanche´s) Bumper with the step up and handle.. I am glad they got rid of that Cheap easy to Scarch Plastic crap that they have now BUT lets wait till we can see first hand what it looks like..

    As for what he said about a Z71 SYSTEM!! PLease!!!! new Shocks and maybe skid plates IF it does not already come with them..How much do The cheapest RANCHO shocks go for??? and How many can GM get at that price? Big Deal.. Give me more or do NOT price the Z71 more then $400 above a reg Silverado... I can buy better shocks for that price too...And still get Z71 stickers on the truck..

    Sorry had to rant.... It does look nice but I will have to take a CLOSE look before I buy one... I will miss my Avalanche when it goes....
  20. stchman

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    Can you post a link to this CR review?

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    I've been saying for years that the Silverado and Sierra are essentially the same truck with some slightly different cosmetic(emblems, sheet metal, rims) features, but the GMC fanboys will argue to the very end that the Sierra is a different animal. The 2014 does ZERO to change that contrary to what the GMC people say.

    From what I've been reading, the Sierra will have more STANDARD features than the Silverado, but you'll be able to get the same features on the Silverado with some "package".

    Hey, the Sierra has red lighting vs. the Silverado's blue lighting for the instrument cluster and radio section, that's different enough?

    I seriously doubt that the Sierra will have different sound proofing over the Silverado.

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