2015 escalade burning all oil

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Talk & GM News' started by CaddyVik82, May 3, 2017.

  1. Beachbourbon

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    I would consider Having your lawyer write them a letter and begin lemon law documentation.
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  2. xPosTech

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    That much oil is probably visible out the exhaust. Texas has a reporting system for oil burners. Vehicle type, license plate #, etc.


    It's a 6.2 I believe.

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  3. RayVoy

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    May also have a leak, a very large leak!
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  4. Flyinfool

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    5 Quarts of oil in 4,500 miles is NOT normal, One quart in 3,000 is normal. Try going to a different dealer.
    As mentioned above, with that much oil use, you see it coming out somewhere, either as smoke out the tailpipe or a drip under the vehicle. Check your oil as soon as you get the oil change done to be sure that they actually filled the oil to the correct level, since you have an oil loss issue I would check the oil every time you put gas in it. Running it low on oil is really bad for the engine. If the dip stick comes out dry on a bad engine the dealer and GM will claim lack of proper maintenance and deny any warranty. The oil life monitor has nothing to do with oil level, you still have to check the oil regularly.
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  5. RayVoy

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    I went to McDonald's for lunch yesterday. The empty parking spot next to where I parked had a big (at least a cup) oil puddle. That vehicle was using a lot of oil.
  6. thegawd

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    I kinda get a laugh thinking that this dealer claims gm designed an engine to burn up all it's oil. well theres nothing funny or correct about that.
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  7. JTward1

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    Before I when crazy I'd check the emissions system. I have seen this very problem with the PCV valve. I assume you have the 5.3 V8 engine and did it start the oil burning quickly or did it come with time ? or do you have a leaking seal, which I'm sure you would have told us. The other thing I have seen with this particular engine is a fault with the head gaskets. Can you hook up a vacuum gauge ? You should be pulling somewhere in the 18 inches of vacuum. And what ever the reading, it should be steady. If the needle of the gauge is bouncing all over of the face of gauge, then you have a internal issue. But look for the easiest symptoms first like the valve covers and the PCV system. Very often the oil baffle get clogged and the oil gets too close to the valve and you have a problem. one last thing, does the truck smoke excessively ? Look on you-tube to see about the excessive burring of oil in your caddy, might find something easy to it's cure.
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  8. TimTom64b

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    If it was burning that much you'd look like a Diesel going down the road. My guess it would be one of the oil cooler lines or leak somewhere. But if you aren't getting any drip or visual spray on the under side it must burning it or making donations at the local oil bank. Anyways... I'd see a different dealer... Contact Chevy directly this should be under power train warranty.
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  9. JTward1

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    Has this engine had any repairs or other work done on it ? If the oil was burning at the rate your going through the stuff, it would stalled out as the spark plugs would be fouled completely. The other side of missing oil is the cooling system, if you take off the radiator cap, is it a clean pink color or is it milky color ? To me it sound like the 'windage tray' is not working or is missing. 5 quarts of oil has to leave a trail somewhere. It's stupid, but does the OBD-II system have any trouble codes set ?
  10. Differently

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    Wow I'm glad I read this my gf was thinking of buying a pilot that falls between those years.

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