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  1. Chevysilverado05

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    Hey again guys a new set of rims and tires are gonna be my next upgrade, I need an answer I have a 05 silverado single cab with the 4.3 v6. I really would like a set of 22's but everyone tells me it will lug the motor and transmission down to much, plus the 22's would fill out the fenderwell better. I have a hypertech hyperpac programmer that can be set for 22's or what ever size wheel I put on it but would the 20's be better with bigger tires? I don't wanna look like a monster truck comin down the road someone help anyone out there with a silverado 4.3 on 22's? 20's Feel free to share opinions thanks in advance guys
  2. Bigg G

    Bigg G Member

    Bigger isn't always better !!!!!!!!

    Trucks need the sidewall for the better ride quality so I'd personally stay away from the rubberband tires.
  3. 1_low_rider

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    personally i know several people with 22's on 4.3 trucks and they do slow your acceleration quite a bit but your engine can definately handle it. aluminum wheels would be the way for you to go but they are WAAAY too expensive. i've run 2 different sets of 22's on my truck with rubberband tires and they do ride rough as hell but don't they just look so GOOD!!.... in the end you have to make the decision between COMFORT or LOOKS, and remember to do what YOU like the best!... oh and i suggest a medium sized tire, say 265/35 or so, for low-pro looks and still have good ride!

    i forgot, go with 9" wide wheels. DON'T buy 10" wide wheels. and do your homework on offsets so you can tuck them easily.
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  4. kwconch021

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    x2 for the 20s. check out performanceplustire.com .. wheels, tires, AND packages for your specific vehicle by size or brand. they also filter out what they say wont fit [but i think theyre wrong on a few bc im pretty sure the wheels listed below will fit my truck no prob]

    i think 20s give our silverados a more sporty look over 22s. 22s will weigh u down and wear your tread faster resulting in more frequent tire buys. if u have rough roads those oh so pretty & shiny 22s will get dinged and dented.

    wheelenvizio.com is a site that allows u to view any wheel sorted by brand and size on your specific vehicle. you can customize anything from color to suspension height. hope these sites help

    im in the process as well, im looking for 18s..im interested in the Ultra type 185 baja champs black with a polished lip.. seen here http://www.ultrawheel.com/wheel_detail.cfm?brand=1&id=150

    im not planning on lifting until my warranty runs out bc a lift will void it from what i understand. so im leaving my suspension factory. my truck is white so i think the white on black look will go well. and the chrome lug cap would look good over the black wheel ever notice your local police car wheels?? yeaahhh..... same concept..

    im going for a sleeper/undercover look.. the 18s are 8.5" wide which i think u can run a 275/60/18.. would this tire size be right? if not which would? and i should be able to throw them on my 06 crew cab 2wd 5.3 no problems right?? i just want a black rim with a wider tire to fill in my wells some more so i dont have those pizza cutter tires.
  5. ippielb

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    20's with 265's my opinion.
  6. adampaul1964

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    Another vote for 20's :great:
  7. Chevysilverado05

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    Thanks for all the help guys! I appreciate the responses I will be making a choice soon!!
  8. heavy chevy

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    20s with 275/45/20 Friend of mine has a 03 with this size and the rear leveled and it looks great. 22s are to big and they really slow you vehicle down. I wish I would have went with 22s for looks but the fact of the matter is it would have hurt my performance and i wanted performance.

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