For Sale 24" Lexani R6 Matte Black With Brand New Falken Tires

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    Yes these are the same wheels that were on our project Silverado.
    Looks like we’re going to go a different route now.
    Price is $1600 local pick up $1700 shipped (48 states)

    Wheels and tires are about 30 days old with aprox 200 miles of use.
    Specs are f 24x10 +30 Lexani R6 Powder Coated matte black (not painted) wheels
    Tires are Falken ZIEX S/TZ04 Tires 305/35/2

    These are the actual images of the wheels from the photo shoot.

    Shoot me an email

  2. pjmcmorrow

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    Are the tires still for sale? I live in Norwood NJ how much is shipping?

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