24" wheels on a 08 Silverado 4.8L

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  1. jaruzoskilee15

    jaruzoskilee15 New Member

    Is it anything I need to do to not void my warranty if I install some 24" wheels on my Silverado? What are the risk that I take if I install these wheels? Any comments or advise is appreciated.
  2. aramos3

    aramos3 New Member

    I am not sure how to really answer the warranty issue but if you where to have problems with your truck i would switch out the wheels with the stocks before heading to the dealer. I am currently runnig 305/35/24 and they are just right you could go with a 30 series tire but i think the only look good if your lower the truck 4,6. You will most likely rub when you bust u turns. The wheel well lining wore out on my truck from the rubbing. The truck will feel heavier, anytime you increase the size of your wheels it puts stress on everything in your truck. In my opionion i would go for it the truck will look good. I plan on upgrading to 26" sometime this month.



  3. heavy chevy

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    They are really heavy so I suggest some performance add on parts to help you get those big wheels rolling. You will have to let gm reprogram your computer for the aftermarket rim size to keep it from voiding your warranty. I know 24s look good but I suggest 20s or 22s at the biggest I would go. It is really hard to get those big wheels going
  4. unplugged

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    Big wheels/tires do increase the torque load on the brakes and drivetrain. U-Joints, pads and rotors really take a beating. You may get some grief on the warranty for those parts. Also as recommended, get you computer set for the tire size, because they will throw the speedo and odometer reading off which could definitely void the warranty.

    Use of aftermarket parts is protected by Federal law. You can read about it at SEMA's website: http://www.semasan.com/main/main.aspx?id=60128
  5. 2ToNe04

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    do it 24s are sick on nnbs trucks

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