25 Degrees South Latitude and 101 Degrees East Longitude

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    That's in the middle of the ocean. That's horrible to say the least.
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    I dont think its the pilot that was trying not to be found. I would be leaning more towards the 2 that had stolen passports that maybe took over the plane or at least tried. Like you said in the other thread on this [MENTION=46008]Steve T[/MENTION]he story gets stranger by the day.. 30 days now and they said the black box batteries last about 30 days give or take 10 days. The Chineese supposedly have heard the beeps from the box so they are narrowing the search down but they are running out of time. There may never be a resolve to the story of why this happened. Very upsetting to family members of the passengers thats for sure.
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    I guess one of the things that puzzles me about this-- So first the Chinese find a ping like on Friday or Saturday....then the British, US, Australia all race with their equipment to find the ping...and then Sunday they find the ping (I think 3 different ships all picked up a ping in that general area). WHY on EARTH is it like everyday the news is saying "They found a ping, ships are trying to verify" or something like that? It's like, once you find the ping....what is the next step to actually locating it? Why 3, 4 or even 5 days later after finding the ping.....have you still not found the source/plane??? And now they are saying the ping has disappeared...possibly due to batteries dying on the black box. So I guess they lost their chance!?

    Like I said, I just thought once they heard the ping, they could FIND the plane. Apparently, hearing the ping does nothing in aiding in finding the actual source.......as 4 days after hearing it, there is still nothing.

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