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    ok its a 2006 it has 143k on it i replaces the entire relay rod all the steering compents and it didnt help its a clunk when i punch the gas or if the hit a pot hole on the drivers side. the truck has 265s on the stocks wheels and i noticed it was tweeked all the way up with stock possible bad shocks it sounds like something is loose. I checked the calipers they have alittle wiggle but not loose the bal joints look good all the rubber bushings look ok i applied some grease to most of them i had the truck in a local shop but they couldnt even figure it out if i hit a pot hole on the passenger side no sound if i hit a big bump it bangs. it does sound like its coming from the front and definately the drivers side im so lost any ideas?
  2. possibly the wheels hitting something?

    my truck is a 00 with 35's and it's lifted 6 inches and when i hit a big bump it still hits so idk

    what about your hub bearing?
    ball joints can still be bad even if they look "ok"

    try greasing all the front end parts with the zirk fittings
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    do you think the front torsion rods are over torqued and that could be causing a problem i was under my truck today and realised that even though my trucks look very tall the stock keys are still in there and the bolts are all the way in except for a quarter inch

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