285/65/18 BFG All Terrain's

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    Ok I've been back for about 6 months now but have been preoccupied with the birth of my newest daughter and other things so I'm just now getting around to looking for new tires. I have searched on here to see if anyone is running 285/65/18 BFG All Terrains with a 2.5" or larger leveling kit. I went to Sears last night and the guy there told me that BFG did not make this size. But this morning I found them on eBay for $1214 for a set of 4. I really want to stick with BFG because my last set I got over 60K miles on them when I had them on my old 4Runner. I look forward to hearing from you guys and hopefully seeing some pictures if someone is running these. Thanks.

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    Forgot to mention that I'll be putting these on my stock Z71 wheels.
  2. db3812

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    I had that size on my stock 18 wheels and they fit without a leveling kit but it does make it look better. If you get a different rim though u definitely MUST have the leveling kit.
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  4. silverhobey

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    I'm only running stock tires ......I also would love BFG's ......never had any problems with them on
    other vehicles we have owned....Brian from Canada
  5. jfk

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    I run that same tire and i love them
  6. 03 SIERRA

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    I think ford has 285/70/18 on stock superdutys. The bfg is a good tire go with it.

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