285 tires - show me yours - help me decide

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by berg, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. berg

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    So I've got tax refund $$ coming and am going back and forth on what I want for a new wheel/tire package. I'm running stockers now.

    Here's what I'm considering for tires:
    285/75/16 - - MT's
    285/65/18 or 285/60/18 - - AT or MT (probably Nittos)
    Or maybe even a 285/50/20 - - probably have to stick with an AT.

    My truck has no lift right now - but to fit a little more tire I would consider doing keys in the front and a lift block or AAL spring in the rear. I'm thinking 2" max.

    I plan to stick to a 8-9" wide wheel so they're not sticking way out in the front. Maybe even run a little positive offset if I end up with a 9".

    Show Off Your Ride and help me decide
    I know there's a ton of guys out there with the 88-98 body style 4wd truck that already have a good setup like this - so show me what you've got! Post a pic here or point me to your album and help me decide.

    Although the newer ones (99-09) are way cool that won't really help me in figuring out what I want.

    Thanks guys!
  2. ajfdirtrider

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    I am getting my 285/65/18 Nitto Terra Grapplers on tuesday (suppose to be in last thursday but got shipped to the wrong store) and i am putting my keys blocks and shocks in on monday. My rims are 18x10 -16 offset. When i get everything ill post some pics. I have seen guys on here run 20x10 with a 285/55/20 (33x11.6) and a -25 offset with just cranked keys and still get them to fit (with a little trimming of course), so you should be fine with any of those combos.
  3. vncj96

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    These are what I just put on my suburban and love them so far, I HATED the BFGs that I had.

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