2nd row captains chairs????

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  1. vncj96

    vncj96 New Member

    We will being having our third child this coming June, I really do not want to buy a newer vehicle to add more convenience for accessing 3 kids. So i am wondering was there ever a factory option for my 99 Suburban LT for 2nd row captians chairs or am I gonna have to look into aftermarket? Adding this would make it so much easier to put our oldest child into the 3rd row or getting to him whil the vehicle is in motion.
  2. 99monguse

    99monguse New Member

    My 2001 Suburban has 2nd row buck seats instead of a bench seat. The seats actually fold down and if I remove the 3rd row bench seat I can put full 8ft long sheets of plywood just like if I had a 8ft long bed pickup truck.
  3. TMair

    TMair New Member

    I don't think I understand, my Suburban has the second row bench, which is what I wanted for more seating, and I can put three adults in that seat and they do not complain about it being to tight, I would think you could put three kids back there, even if one was in a car seat, heck I remember back in the days when seat belts were optional my dad put a BIG seat belt in the back seat of our Dodge station wagon, and that one belt held all three of us, and we were not little kids, we fought but we all servived.
  4. 99monguse

    99monguse New Member

    My Suburban doesn't have a bench in the middle, my truck has the optional bucket seats instead. I don't know if you can simply swap your bench out for buckets or not.
  5. Naptime

    Naptime New Member

    I just leave the second row passenger seat down in the stowed position. That leaves easy access to the 3rd row, and still have two spots in the second row.
  6. vncj96

    vncj96 New Member

    Ok, thank you for your suggestions but I am just looking for an answer, did the factory have a bucket option for a 99 susburban, @mongoose our suburbans are not the same bodystyle. Also we will have 3 kids in carseats so sticking them all in one row isnt really an option as they simply wont fit.
  7. TMair

    TMair New Member

    Not on the subject of seats, but do you have or are having twins?
  8. vncj96

    vncj96 New Member

    No twins, just Irish Triplets (3 under 3)
  9. Naptime

    Naptime New Member

  10. trkndude

    trkndude New Member

    2md row capn seats.

    I think it was the 01 models that 1st had the captains seat options. They were available earlier on the conversion packages, but good luck finding those because each conversion outfit could do what they or the dealer desired.

    Why not retro fit the newer seats to your floor? It may even be a direct bolt in swap if you find the right conversion.
  11. TMair

    TMair New Member

    OH, sorry and congrats.:shocked:
    I had a three year old, and then twins, but my three year old was on his way to four before the twins got here, when they started coming two at a time we decided we were done:money:
  12. TuxyDoh

    TuxyDoh New Member

    I have a 93 that had the starcraft conversion done to it and it has captains chairs in the second row.
  13. janikphoto

    janikphoto New Member

    That's what I do... three boys all under the age of 6yrs. But, to answer the OP's question. there were captain's chairs available for this body style. However, I "think" they all came from the conversion van/aftermarket/dealer option people. Direct from GM? I don't think so...

    Find a junkyard or a part out of one of the million dealer custom trucks... They'll have what you need!
  14. ChesapeakeHooker

    ChesapeakeHooker New Member

    i have a bench if you want to trade

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