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Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by 5speedsilverado, May 16, 2009.

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    well CST makes some awesome stuff and if you can shell out the coin for it then do it up. However, that looks like a pretty hardcore kit and you will be paying a lot for it after shocks, and other parts. it also says you have to replace the fenders too which is a lot of money. That kit is for making a pretty hardcore offroad race truck it seems. But, if that is what you want then im not gonna stop you cuz it will be sick. However, I would look into a 6" kit from fabtech, skyjacker, or rough country. they will be cheaper and will help you offroad for sure
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    That is the kit I would go with. I swear by BDS ofcourse.

    Personally, if it were me doing a 2wd off roader, I'd be focused on the traction aspect. Since you only have one axle pulling, I think a selectable locker such as an OX or an Eaton ELocker would be an excellent choice here. It will lock the wheels when you are off roading and you can turn the locker off when you are driving on the highway.
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    Yeah I agree with Sierra Pete that is a HARDCORE suspension kit, but by the time you get all of that installed and done with I bet you would have $5,000 easy into that! It even says about the welding aspect, you better find someone who is NHRA certified welder meaning that they can weld radiuses like no tomorrow. I would not skimp on the welding part, because if you broke one of those welds on the shock hoops you would have a real mess! My friend has a CST lift on his truck and it is an awesome kit, I know if I ever had another lifted truck I would go with CST for sure because I have driven one and seen it installed and they are impressive.

    BTW they do have fiberglass BAJA fenders for your truck through four wheel parts, but they are like $1,500 a side so keep that in mind.
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