2WD to 4WD conversion?

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by ZSI52, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. ZSI52

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    Has anyone done this? These trucks are always getting wrecked around here lol. And the owners/salvage yards sell them off for cheap. I want a 4wd, but I dont want to sell my truck. I can't afford to buy another truck yet. So what would I need to do to make this work? Do you guys think its even worth the time and money??
  2. Crawdaddy

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  3. ZSI52

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  4. Crawdaddy

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    Still 2WD, though I am back on the thought of converting to 4WD while I'm converting to 3/4 ton... Descisions, descisions.... :neutral:
  5. azdrtdog

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    HELL ya. and to top it off you get to hand pick all your parts and build from scratch can you say SM465 NP205... or TH400 with a doubler 203-205 throw in some one ton axles link it - leaf it- radius arms...... BUILD IT UP Sorry just looked at year keep the same t.case trans for that year just go for a manual 241 style t.case and do a sas with hubs
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  6. dhouse77

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    It is possible. If you already have the components, the mechanical part only will take about 40hrs if you install a lift kit at the same time. There are a few questions though. Is your truck a 1500 and 2006 that you are doing this too? This makes a huge difference in what needs to be done. Basically, to begin with, you will need to a matching front axle assy with drive axles. Both front wheel bearings, a new 4wd front cross member. There is a slight frame modification on the front driver's side. The bushing for this modification will have to come from a salvage as GM will only sell you the whole frame. You will need new drive shafts for the front and rear. The exhaust will need to be modifed for the front axel to clear properly. You will need to get a transfer case and modify the tail shaft and tail shaft housing on the rear of your transmission. You will need to reflash the computer to make it a 4wd in the main ECM. You will most likely need a small lift kit of about 2" for everything to clear as well. When this is all installed, then you will need to hook it up. You will need a 4wd wiring harsness for the transfer case and the switch for inside the cab along with the Transfer Case Control Module to correlate everything together. Hope this helps you out. I noticed the previous post were still a little vague. A lot of work, but a lot less money and less hassle of buying a new vehicle if you have access to the parts and the mechanical know how. Let me know if you have anymore questions.
  7. jdsnowfire

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    have you done this modification before? is a lift required?
    i have a 2002 chevy 2500HD diesel crew cab, long bed 2wd that needs to be 4wd
    if someone has done this before please email me at kevinbehrends@hotmail.com or call 815-383-4428 thanks.
  8. dhouse77

    dhouse77 New Member

    Yes I have. I did mine on a 2006 2500HD 6.0. You have an Allison though. You will need to change your tailshaft housing and output shaft. It might be easier to find a used one depending on how many miles you have on yours already.
  9. dsrtne1

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    It's not worth it...just trade your truck in.
  10. jdsnowfire

    jdsnowfire New Member

    not trying to take over the thread just looking for information but on an 2002 with 195000 miles IF i end up converting whould i be better off just getting a used transmission or getting the new tailshaft and parts and getting mine rebuilt.

    also i have heard that the allison is a great transmission as long as you dont turn the engine up too much. is it true that it cant handle it if the engine is turned up? if so how much could i SAFELY go? i plan to put a chip in it sometime to bring it up a little bit- nothing crazy.

    with that in mind while the transmission is out are there any parts that should (typicaly) be replaced or upgraded?

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