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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by tankers1985, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. tankers1985

    tankers1985 New Member

    i just bought a 2005 chevy silverado 2500 hd, and well unfortunately it has 2 wheel drive, it was the only thing the bank would let me afford and i needed the warranty with it. but i would like to convert it to a 4wheel drive outfit, and keep it stock, and possibly convert it to a straight front axle. what kind of labor, and cost would be involved in this project?
  2. Poor Man

    Poor Man Member

    Way more than it's worth. You are looking at complete axle with correct gear ratio (good luck finding one that matches), transmission modifications, exhaust modifications, crossmember mod or replace, computer mods, possible wiring harness mods and frame mods for the front suspension change. I'm sure there are other issues I have missed. Better off to just buy a 4x4 to begin with. As far as cost, it will be expensive, and without researching the parts you will need it's difficult to say for sure. Good Luck.
  3. CarpenterGuy

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    i'm sure its possible, butit would take ALOT of modding and welding.

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