3.73 gears

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by Chad513, Jun 16, 2012.

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    Ya 4.10 is more common. You can have any ratio made up to your liking from my understanding. I almost went with 3.83 gears but the shop I went to showed me the power bands and RPM ratios and the the 4.10 was the ticket. At 85mph I am only at 2500 RPM. In town my mileage statyed about the same and I gained a little on the freeway trips.
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    hell yeah, i have a bully dog and i can only change my gear ration to a 4.10 so is that what i would put it on?
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    What i meant was-id use Allstar Performance gears in my sport mod and not my truck,there cheapier but they do hold up VERY well in the racing field.I could go spend 250 bucks a pop or more each time they go out in the sport mod but i use the 150 dollar ones cuz they do great!...so i wasnt trying to get you to go CHEAP,just saying i had good luck with them!:neutral:
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    I usually run Yukon gears. For drag racing, street, they have stood up fine to a bunch of abuse. Never had a problem.

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