3" Body lift 02 Z71. 3 problems....

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by greensilverado, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. greensilverado

    greensilverado New Member

    Hi all... I am going to install a 3"PA body lift on my 02 Z71 and, as far as i can see, there are 3 problems i could use some suggestions for.
    1: the trailer hitch. won't it now hang down 3" below the bumper? may look like crap. any tips?
    2: the westin step bars. they also will be 3" below the rockers. again.... tips?
    3: the K&N FIPK intake. how will that move (or not) when the throttle body is 3" below the fender where its mounted....
    I do have some limited use of a limited machine shop. So any cool tricks that some of you wouldn't mind me duplicating would be great.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. Darknesss23

    Darknesss23 Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    why a body lift? why not a suspension lift? and then everything would have been just fine... excluding the trailer hitch which you might need to get a lowered one...
  3. greensilverado

    greensilverado New Member

    because I paid under $200 for the body lift. I don't have $1700 for a suspension lift and then another 6 bills for new rims. I also would like my kids to be able to get in and out of the truck. But, nice suggestion. When I hit the lottery I might go that way. :)

    Anyone have any thoughts on the BODY lift? thanks!
  4. Darknesss23

    Darknesss23 Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    How about leveling kits? front and rear...? Just have new brackets made for the side steps... can't be that hard to make... as for the K&N... maybe get some sort of tube extender? I've seen bits of tube and clamps at autozone...i'm sure you can find something that will work... as for the hitch.. can't help you out with that..
  5. zubbiez

    zubbiez Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    are u a tall person I have a 3" body lift laying in the garage that ill eventually put on my truck,( but Im short 5'6") Im planning on leaving them where there at, as I actually need the step plus it covers up the frame alittle and its not as obvious you have a bodylift, I agree with you on the reasoning behind a bl vs a lift kit, If your not going to beat the hell out of your truck in the hills its a good way to get a good stance.
  6. larryleeUSN

    larryleeUSN Rockstar 100 Posts

    ok i can relate to both of these. i have both a suspension and a body lift on my truck. and i had the same issues as yourself with my truck. so i justtook the step rails off and gave them away. not saying you will have to do the same thing. you can just flip around the brackets and see how that works. theres alot of guys i see with the body lift and keeos their step rails in the normal position so i know its possible just a lil fabrication if you can play with the brackets and see what you get. the trailer hitch. yes there will be a gap. its possible to fix that. if you dont do alot of towing or none at all tke it off. off you can also find way to move that up if it will bug you that bad. mine doesnt really bug me. but i got ths solid plate with my body lift that goes inbetween there and it kinda helps with the gap. makes it look more solid. check out my pics i have some in there. i like mine like that bc it keeps my hitch lower for towing bc theres not no trailers i know of that are level with my truck. lol. and the air filter. just losen it and when you pick your truck up it will rotate on thethrotal body and you will be fine. just tighten it when your all done. but about the suspension lift if rides smother than stock,( if you get the right one ) and the body lift will alow you to ride the same as stick beings your not chaing the suspension in any way. unless you get crappy tires that ride rough. and then for the step rails i think they look trashy when theres a big gap. bc theres not much frame that shows. again you can look at my pics to see how my frame shows. the one where im hooked up to my 18ft car trailer. i hope i helped in some way.

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