3" Bull Bar, Mounting & Front Plate Location

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Talk & GM News' started by AMac, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. AMac

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    I'm considering adding a black 3" bull bar to my truck which is a 2011 Silverado 1500. I live in a state where I'm required to have a front plate visible at all times. I searched the internet for pictures and specs for a few different manufactures; Smittybilt, Tuff-Bar, Aries. Most of the retailers and manufacturers provided pictures that were photoshopped so I could not get an idea of where the bar would overlay my front plate. In a couple pictures I saw the Aries bar mounted under the bumper and not where the tow-hooks are.
    I'm thinking it may be possible to drill new holes in my license plate bracket so my plate can sit below the bar. From the top holes to the bottom of the plate it measures 5.5" so I don't think that moving the plate a few inches lower would look bad. I know you can buy the plate relocating kit but I don't want it above the skid plate of the bull bar.

    So my questions are as follows;

    • Does anyone have a clear picture with any one of these products mounted on an NNBS?
    • Has anyone purchased the black powder coated one and found it to either chip or show signs of corrosion? I'm asking this because from reading various specifications it sounds like the black powder coated bar is not made of the same material as the polished stainless steel color. Being susceptible to winter conditions I don't want the bar to rust out within the first few years of owning it.
    • Can the skid plate be removed from the Tuff-Bar or the Aries?
    • Has anyone relocated their front plate to accommodate an accessory like this?
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  2. Dirty Dog

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    AMac for years here we had the same problem with two plates on display, and bumper hight... it was like a ticket fest on curse night, and most of the mods that we did or i saw, were honestly fairly cheesy, to say the least.
    It was like the day the women burnt their bras the day they changed the laws here...front plates were scraped on the spot, and lots of push bar mods/ bull bars hit the scrap heap as well.
    The one mod that I saw that really looked like it was designed to look as it should, was a bull bar (unknown manufacture)with a winch set up that had the front plate neatly tucked inside the winch hold, with a little back lighting. It had a very cool look and conformed to the laws.
    Hope that gives you a few more options to look at...
  3. nikkeshelton

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    Like your truck! Wish now that I would have gone the blacken out look instead of the chrome look!
  4. AMac

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    okay I'm trying to understand what options you're offering.Are you recommending not adding a bull bar because they don't look good? Sorry, I just want to make sure I'm understanding what you are saying.

    I did see a pretty cool bull bar that embedded the plate within it however when I called the manufacturer's number it said it was no longer in service.

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    Well I just took a look at your album, I think chrome looks good on the white trucks and like your set up. You didn't mention you had a cross between a bull bar and grille guard; who makes that?

    And thank you for the comment on my truck.
  5. Dirty Dog

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    hey AMac , sorry for my confusion in my post... first off bull bars as we call them are really an Australian thing, used to push and nudge big old stubborn red kangaroos.....i never really tipped a cow or bull with mine, lol I ordered my first one back in the late 80s from a company called ARB, the only reason i did this as all the american made bars at the time had no place for the front plate, where in Aus. they are designed with front plate mounts.. I still have one on my 02 pathfinder, all though it has done its job well protecting the front end of my pathfinder, it never really saw a bull, cow or roo lmao.....
    As to the looks of the front guards i like it lot, wether blacked out or spit polished chrome, I think it adds to any vehicle. What i was trying to say in my first posts all the push bars i have seen with a mod for the front plate, look cheesy, and if you have to mod it to fit front plate, better off with the stock look.... but that is just my opinion ..... :)
  6. SurrealOne

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    x2. Bull bars are hokey...
  7. Als09Sierra

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    I love my bull bar, and think the black would look sharp on your truck. The skid plate does come off, but I just used the plate relocator. I imagine you could mount it to the skid plate too.
  8. AMac

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    I called Smitttbilt and asked them about removal of the skid plate and they told me it was welded on so which mfg did you go with?
  9. Als09Sierra

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    Westin. There are hex screws holding the skid plate on.

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