3 dead gauges on instrument cluster

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  1. Giz

    Giz New Member

    Hi everyone,

    Has anyone had their cluster rebuilt? I got a quote for $400-$600 from the local chevy dealer and I spoke to some people who said it could be rebuilt. I was wondering if there is anybody out there that has had it done. Saw a few places on the web but would like to see if there are members who might be able to point to a good repair shop.
  2. Pikey

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    You could do it yourself. If you want someone else to do it then I suggest you start googling. I know that there many places out there that do the work. Most offer a life time warranty. I googled GM instrument cluster repair, Clermont,FL an came up with 2 places in your area
  3. Giz

    Giz New Member

    Thanks for the reply pikey. what I meant in the post was to see if anybody ever used any vendors on the web. Just a little cautious sending out my cluster and a check just based on a website.
  4. JMoney02

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    I have not used one on the Web, for this piece of equipment I pefer to use someone local, that way if I have any issues they are right at the end of my hand and I do not have to reach that far. With "Online" businesses you run the risk of getting someone who talks a good game, but really needs to not be in business. Not to say that there aren't good people out there, there are! But with the cluster, if you truly are going to repair, do it local, feed your local business and they are right there to handle your complaints, this isn't a guarantee either, but a better decision! IMOP..
  5. nikkeshelton

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    You can go onto e-bay and buy a whole custom cluster for around $200.00.

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    Try e-bay, I've had a new cluster from a reliable shop who does thousands of them. for that kind of money you can get a custom cluster face with new gauges. have had it for a year now, I was hearing a noise in the dash and I suspected the cluster so called them. They were quite helpful, it wasn't the cluster. $250 with exchange. If you go through e-bay your protected , product and money wise. They ask for a deposit on your old set and refund you after they receive it! Also they program it according to your vin # so it works right away, otherwise you'll have to take it to the dealer after so they can do it.

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