For Sale 3" rear seat lift kit from aircraft grade T6-6061 aluminum rectangular tubing NNBS

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    I am selling my fabricated lift blocks for the 2007+ NNBS Crew Cab Sierra and Silverado's. They are made out of aircraft grade T6-6061 square aluminum. It's .25" thick so its extremely strong. Incase you are worried about safety incase you are in a collision, the studs will break before the nuts, bolts and the .25 T6-6061 aircraft grade aluminum blocks will break. This is a much better way to raise your rear seats rather than adding washers which would raise the seat mounts towards the top of the stud where it would be at its weakest point. I did alot of research on strength of the metal, nuts, and bolts. I matched it up with Grade 8 bolts and nuts, which is stronger than the factory studs and nuts, which is Grade 4.

    This raises your seats 3" to fit a much larger subwoofer box, added storage area for items such as strollers, work equipment like powertools and this also makes it much more comfortable for your rear passengers to sit as it gives them more legroom.

    Comfortability and added leg room:
    Imagine a computer chair that raises up and down. If you have it lowered all the way, your legs extend all the way out more horizontally and can be uncomfortable. Now if you lift it all the way up, your legs are now vertical, giving you more legroom and ability to stretch and not having someone who is tall that is sitting in the back seat requesting the driver or passenger to move their seat forward because their legs are cramped and their knees are hitting the back of the front seat. I have a friend who is 6'2 and I had him test it out for head room. He had a few inches of head room so this will be fine for anyone who is 6'5 and below without any headroom problems and they will love sitting back there after you install this because of the added legroom and comfortability. My friend said it was much more comfortable for him to sit back there while we were on our way to Broken Bow Lake for our quarterly fishing trip which is a 3 hour drive. He didnt complain this time because he didnt have the leg room.

    You don't need to modify your rear hooks. I never painted them, so they are open to be painted to whatever color your interior is or wrap it in carpet.

    Please excuse the wiring mess. When I took the pictures of the blocks installed, I was pulling out my wire for my stereo to clean it up and install 4 new amplifiers. This allowed me to fit a 3 cu ft net box for my 4 Sundown Audio SA-8 V.2's forward firing. That's 3 cu ft after subwoofer displacement of 4 large 8" subwoofers and two very long ports. The ports were long and took up alot of airspace because I tuned the box to 31hz. It took up 1/3rd of the box so IIRC, the gross box volume was roughly 4 cu ft gross. I didnt make the box extend over the hump right before the front seat mount. With the seat raise, it opens up more room to extend a box past that hump to gain extra airspace. You could easily fit a large enough ported box for 4 10's or 12's or 2 15's. My next box will extend up and over that hump and from my box design and calculations, I will be able to fit a 4.5 cu ft box net, so you can build a pretty large box to go under your seats with just a 3" seat lift. I am thinking of adding 2 more SA-8 V2's since they only require .5-.75 cu ft of airspace. Its just a matter of fitting 2 more 8" subs. I will have to get creative with fiberglassing, which this was my first attempt at a fiberglass/wood box. It was made to be a temporary box for me to learn on.

    Price is $150 + Shipping.


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    I want to buy from you ASAP, please contact me

    I wan to buy from you, I need this set up for my o8 silverado crew ASAP please call me at 8325965150 or
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    I need a set also.
  4. Texas Edition

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    I apologize. I haven't been online in a while. As I'm sure you know, here in Oklahoma, we have been experiencing terrible and devastating weather and tornadoes. I have sold 4 of the 5 custom fabricated seat lifts on other message boards. So I have one more left. First one who takes it, gets it. I just need your zip code for actual shipping cost
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    I'm definitely interested in buying if still available for my 2009 chevy silverado extended cab. I'm assuming they should work. Thread looks old but if it's still available please email me at Thank u
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    Are you fabricating these? If so I would like to purchase a set for my 2011 silverado extended cab. Need airspace for my 12's bad! Please get back to me soon and let me know. Thanks

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    Do you have more blocks for sale. Or any helpful hints on how to fabricate the blocks
  9. James09chevy

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    I'd like to buy some for my truck too let me know if you still have my zip is 76137

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