32x11.50 tires and Regency fender flares

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by 90 Regency Conversion 4x4, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. Just bought this Suburban with these brand new nice tires on it. However, they are pizza cutters and I would like to replace them with 32x11.50 tires.

    I know it's a pretty specific question to a pretty specific truck.....but has anyone mounted 32's to a Suburban with custom fender flares like the ones this Regency has?

    I am wondering if they will rub the fender flares...which are plastic and will certainly break the second that contact is made...

    Sorry...maybe a silly question....but I just wanted to see if anyone else has done this...

  2. mikkelsent9584

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    Hows it going? I have the same type of suburban! Only 91, blue and white regency and 32s on it. Great vehicle i love it! To answer your question tell me if you have three leaf springs in the front or only two. Mine has three. I am not the original owner and do not know if mine was lifted or not. With the three spring it rubs a little, taking off the molding on the edge of the flares. Anyway lifts are pricey and if it has three leafs i think a body lift is the best way to go (cheapest too!). Suspension lifts will need exaust mods. If it doesn't have the exta leaf then mine is a diffrent deal so you may need to go to a suspension lift to get 33's on the puppy. Hope this helps and i hope you can answer a few Q's i have about the regency conversions too.

  3. Hey that's great info!! Thanks!

    I didn't realize I would need to modify the exhaust for a suspension lift???!?!!!

    What do you need to know about the Regency Conversions??
  4. mikkelsent9584

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    The exaust has to be modified from what i have read. I personally have not tried it. My question is, if you have an overhead console with switches, what do they control?
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    Here's my .02 cents.

    My 87 Blazer has basically the same suspension configuration. I have a 4" lift consisting of Rancho Soft-Ride leaf springs in the front and 4" blocks in the rear and I run 35" BFG Mud terrains. A few years ago the rear started sagging due to notoriously weak springs. Instead of replacing the springs all together I installed an Add-A Leaf which made the rear actually too high so I swithed out the 4" blocks for 3" blocks and now it is perfect.

    I have installed a 2" body lift on a previously owned truck and it was a pain. Brackets to re-align front and rear bumpers, steering column, etc. And yes, the exhaust needs to be altered because the tail-pipe now sits 2" lower from the body. With a suspension lift, only driveline clearance problems would warrant modding the exhaust. I personally don't like the looks of them either (sorry to those who have body lifts) because the frame sits so much lower than the rocker panels. I would install one again only if it were the only way to have tire clearance to run 40"+ tires.

    Here is an interesting article listing cons from both types of lifts.

    Again, only my humble opinion and what works for me. The 4" lift for my newer Silverado is going to cost me $2500 and another $1500 for tires so that is my future suspension plans.:glasses:
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    Here is another article about the 2 lifts.
    I think it sums it all up with the quote saying "I recommend suspension lift kits for the performance-minded customer, and body lift kits for the cost-minded customer."
  7. ericTHEsmasher

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    Where did you buy the first kit of 4" leafs and blocks? And how much was it?
  8. dwill3015

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    JC Whitney

    Check out this thread for one of our sponsors. If you click on the link you can save 10%.
  9. dwill3015

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    Here is also a link for the whole lift kit you need. This includes shocks, blocks, springs, and all mounting hardware.
  10. Switch one controls the "mood lighting". Flush mounted small lights that run the length of the headliner down the middle under smoked glass. Also, some trim at the edge of the ceilings at the back is backlit, thus washing the ceiling in the back with a little ambient light. Swanky!!

    Switch two controls the little "map lights" that look like they belong on an airplane.

    Three and four are not hooked to anything as best I can tell......however, my wife DID eject thru the ceiling when I hit one of them...........Must have been a fluke deal in the power seat..........

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