33" tires and 4" inch lift..any pics or opinions?

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Talk & GM News' started by rad454, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. rad454

    rad454 New Member

    Hey guys,

    I recently purchased a 1977 Chevrolet Cheyenne 4x4. It came with 33" tall tires that are essentially new. I would like to put in a 4" lift that I have access to, but the manufacturer recommends 35" tall tires. Does anyone have a pic of this set-up or have any opinions on how well this would/wouldnt work? This is a pic as it sits with no mods to the suspension.

    Thx in advance

  2. RedneckRucker16

    RedneckRucker16 New Member

    Nice lookin truck! The manufacturer is going to tell you the biggest size tire that they recommend you use but that's all it is, a recommendation. A 4 inch lift would look great on that truck and the tires are fine the way they are. The reason they recommend a specific size tire is that normally with a lift kit they will send alignment specs for the person that installs and does the alignment. But if you install it yourself and just take it to a good shop for an alignment theyll be able to figure it out.
  3. rad454

    rad454 New Member

    Thx Red, I've been wanting this style/year truck for a while and I finally found a good candidate. I guess what I'm after is, would 33" tires look ok with a 4" lift. I'm concerned the appearance may not work. Do you think 4" is too much lift? Should I consider a 2" lift? I want it high, but I want it to look right more.
  4. RedneckRucker16

    RedneckRucker16 New Member

    I think the 33s will look great but theres really only one way to find out. Throw the lift on there and post another pic and see what you get. The 4 inch lift is good i wouldnt waste my time with a 2in. Ive only got a 3 in body lift on mine with 35s but they rub in reverse. but the wheel wells on the chyenne are so wide you wont have an issue with the 33s.

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