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Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Talk & GM News' started by zcstuckey24, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. zcstuckey24

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    Just wondering on second opinions. 33 in km2s or 33 in trail grapplers?
  2. Ridyn

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    I personally like the trails.
  3. SurrealOne

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    Apples and oranges. BF Goodrich KM2S is an AT (which is comparable to Nitto's Terra Grappler) ... where the Nitto Trail Grapplers are classed as a MT and actually fall somwhere between an AT and a MT in terms of tread pattern, road noise, and wear.

    I looked at both (and Terra Grapplers, and their pricier Toyo cousins, and even Kumho's offerings) and liked the price point and look of the Nitto Trail Grapplers. After running them for 10 months I can state that they are wearing well and I'm very happy with their performance on the road as well as in fields, on mud logging roads, and on hunting trails. I do rotate mine with -every- oil change ... and I check pressures at least once a month (and more frequently as needed to handle large temperature swings). I run 38psi up front and 35 in the rear.

    Only about 1/3 of my driving is highway driving, the rest is city or back country stuff, with back country being weekend-ish only, and light. There's definitely hum to the Trail Grapplers at 65mph and higher but my truck is heavily sound deadened so I don't notice it unless the windows are down. If I didn't have as much sound deadening in the truck as I do it would bug me only on long trips. If I did more highway driving I'd be going with an AT for my next set ... but I'm actually going to be doing LESS highway driving, so I'm set. If road noise is relevant to you or if you do lots of highway driving I'd suggest that you stick with an AT.

    Also, I'd rather give my money to the Japanese economy (via Nitto) than the French economy (via BFGoodrich, which is a trade name belonging to Manufacture Fran├žaise des Pneumatiques Michelin -- yes, Michelin is a French company) ... since the French, our allies, seem to sit across from us at the UN table when the USA wants to do something, rather than alongside us.
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  4. Barnettamb

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    my bfg all terrains have a little over 10 000 miles on them and they havent disappointed. they are great! two of my friends have km2's and both of them love the tires. one has them on his hunting truck and the other has them on his tacoma which he beats to death off road. he is very happy with the tires.

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