34 inch tire with a leveling kit?

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by jbfireemt, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. jbfireemt

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    So I've got an 07 ext cab 1500 4x4. toyo makes a 285/75/17(34.1x11.5) open country mud tire. tons of guys have told me this tire won't fit with a leveling kit. i keep doing the math and taking measurements and i think they will. i have factory wheels on hand, which i'm willing to buy spacers for and i have 17x9 aftermarkets on there now with 285/70/17 bfg's. my big questions is whether anyone actually has this tire and leveling kit on their truck now? the tire is usually special order only and very rare but i promise they do exist! let me know what ya got. THANKS FOR YOUR INPUT!
  2. 2wheelmudder

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    I am not sure they will after looking at tire fitment guide, you need 2 more inches of lift to clear on turning them i believe, they might rub against the frame when you turn? thats all i can figure man!
  3. Burden33

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    The tires will not fit with a leveling kit my 2008 1500 has a leveling kit a 305/55/20 which is a 32/12 and i had to trim the inside my father duramx had a leveling kit a 285/75/20 i think it was at they are a 3233/11.5/20 and he just cleared and his truck sits higher then mine.
  4. ian1324

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    I have a 2008 silverado 1500 with a leveling kit an 18x9 rims with +30 offset with 275 70 r18 Toyo mt tires and they barely fit had to trim plastic out of the wheel wells.

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  5. tlperry68

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    If you have the new body style you'll need the leveling kit. I have a pro comp level kit with 285/70/18 and did some plastic trimming at the wheel wells. I ran into a guy that trimmed more and has 305/70/18 on the same truck.
  6. jbfireemt

    jbfireemt New Member

    thanks for your responses!!! i pulled the wheels off yesterday and pretty much came to the same conclusion. i'm gonna forge on and see this one through. i decided to put the stock wheels back on(hopefully it narrows the tire cross section) and order spacers to get the look i want, but some major trimming is in order. i'll post some pics when i am done though. hopefully the finished product turns out nice enough that others will want to do the same thing. i may be building a new bumber which will hopefully solve some issues. my truck is a classic model though and i was wondering about shaving the interior well on the driver side. the washer fluid reservoir is right there, did that cause any issues for anyone?
  7. ahmitchell1

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    good luck and let see how it goes cause if you make it work im going to give it a shot

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