35,000 Miles on the Odometer

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    2003 Grand Prix GT, bought new on 4-18-03......just turned over 35,000 miles.
    She's still looking like new, because of good care and it's always garaged when home.

    Think I'll have some new tires put on later this year, and check the factory brake pads for wear.
    Of course, no-one removes the lugs except me, and except for the factory wheel balance, the subsequent balances have all been done at home.
    I have My own Cormach wheel spin-balancer, and it corrects right down to fractions of grams, rather than the traditional 1/4 oz for most balancing machines.

    I bought a 1982 Cutlass Supreme, 21 years before the Pontiac, and I sold it shortly after buying the Grand Prix...kind of miss that Cutlass.
    Here's an old image of that Olds, just before I sold it, and that was when I lived in New York State....she was a looker!

    Picture of Grand Prix just below the Olds.

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